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Don't Freak Out About EpilepsyDon't Freak Out About Epilepsy

Teens with epilepsy talk about having seizures and what to do.

Teen Advocates For Epilepsy  In Our Words.  Unfinished Teen Advocates For Epilepsy In Our Words. Unfinished

Edit the sound issues for clips which were quieter than the others have been fixed. however, it takes an hour to upload this video to youtube, so those chan...

Epilepsy And Our ChildrenEpilepsy And Our Children

Mothers of children with epilepsy came together to found cure in 1998. this 1999 video details the devestating impact uncontrolable seizures have on children...

Importance Of Adherence From Epilepsy.comImportance Of Adherence From

Dr. barry gidal from the university of wisconsin madison introduces viewers to the importance of medication adherence in the treatment of epilepsy and seizur...

You Are Not Alone  Support For Parents Of Teens With EpilepsyYou Are Not Alone Support For Parents Of Teens With Epilepsy

A documentary style video that features two different families who have teens with epilepsy, as well as families who have survived the teen years. comments o...

Epilepsy  A Neurological DisorderEpilepsy A Neurological Disorder

This film has been entered into the 2010 neuro film festival from the american academy of neurology foundation at let's put our br...

From Seizures To Seizing.movFrom Seizures To

Intro to a motivational presentation for teens and young adults. it's about facing life's challenges and overcoming obstacles to pursue the life of your dreams.

November Is Epilepsy Awareness MonthNovember Is Epilepsy Awareness Month

Dedicated to everyone that has epilepsy, cares for someone with epilepsy or has lost someone to epilepsy.

Nicole's EpilepsyNicole's Epilepsy

If you watch closely enough you'll see me have multiple absence seizures. i didn't catch them until i was editing this video.

Understanding Epilepsy, An Under Recognized IlnessUnderstanding Epilepsy, An Under Recognized Ilness

One out of every hundred people around the globe suffers from epilepsy, or chronic seizures. nicole hartmann, a twenty two year old graduate student, had her...

3 Teens Have A Seizure3 Teens Have A Seizure

3 teenage black kids talk crazy and then little girl have a seizure.

Epilepsy    Song    100 Years By Five For FightingEpilepsy Song 100 Years By Five For Fighting

Marielle is a beautiful 12 yr old girl. she was diagnosed july 4th 2007 with mtle w hippocampus atrophy. life has changed dramatically. marielle is no exce...

Autism Teen Parenting Tip  Puberty  Risk Of Seizures   Autism CollegeAutism Teen Parenting Tip Puberty Risk Of Seizures Autism College classroom autism teen parenting tip from chantal sicile kira, founder of autism college about the risk of seizures for teens with a...

About Teens With Epilepsy From Epilepsy.comAbout Teens With Epilepsy From

Dr. jim wheless of st. jude children's research hospital talks to teens with epilepsy on

What Causes Epilepsy?  Epilepsy  5 What Causes Epilepsy? Epilepsy 5

Sixty million americans will develop epilepsy during their lifetimes. let's look at more health videos at health guru ?yt.

Graphic Epileptic SeizureGraphic Epileptic Seizure

When dealing with a person having a seizure, do not put anything in their mouth, ever. period. don't. got it? good. next, put them on their side doesn't ma...

Bbc World News Reviews Epilepsy Society's AppBbc World News Reviews Epilepsy Society's App

Bbc world news recently reviewed our one of a kind epilepsy app, giving it a stunning verdict visit our website to download the app for free epi...

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