Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Bubbles and Walks at Kiara Park

Nathanael & Zoe Joy had a fun day in the park today. Thank you cher cher Joann for the lovely gigantic bubbles ….. the kids had a lovely time with it. 🙂 Check out the pics in the park . . .

This is Zoe Joy Lee’s house

Zoe Joy built her own “house” using cushions and the living room furniture. She was really proud of it 🙂

Zoe Joy Dancing to the Master Mix of Alvin & The Chipmunks

Ha ha ha ha  …. tks to Emily Piu Yee and Mommie for staging this. Zoe Joy’s been practising hard for her annual year end concert, and you will see in this video dancing, moving, shaking …. lah to the song. [ad#dnt]

Zoe Joy looks so adorable in her Minnie Mouse outfit

  Zoe Joy was blest with a Minnie Mouse Swimsuit by 4 Yee Por! Its an adorable swimsuit with a Minnie Mouse cap, and even a little tail at the back. Its really really very cute 🙂

Mother’s Day at Church

We celebrated Mother’s Day at our Young Adults service on Saturday. Check out the cute kids that sang a love song to mommies – they are just so so so adorable. Ps Helen Kong (Audio Sermon download) brought the word and prayed for all the Mommies at Glad Tidings Church.

BBQ and Bird Feeding at Dandenong Ranges National Park

We are having a blast in Melbourne, Australia. Guests to Melvin & Audrey in Narre Warren … we are having a fantastic time catching up, eating, playing with the kids, more eating, outdoors, just chilling, and more eating!!! We visited the Dandenong Ranges National Park and had a fab time BBQ-ing in the outdoors (in […]

We think our Kids are the Cutest!

We took some fab shots of Nathanael and Zoe Joy recently, they were standing and posing in various poses. Grabbed a few of them together and few single shots. We just find them absolutely adorable! Check out their cute photos!

What do you get when you have Zoe + Chocolate + Marshmallows = ???

  Solve this Equation? What do you get when you have Zoe + Chocolate + Marshmallows = ??? *Hint* – Get ready to SMILE 🙂

Check out Renee & Zoe Joy dancing to Liang’s HOLD ON at BCM Concert

The BCM 50th Anniversary Concert was on tonite at GT Jalan Gasing. It was towards the end of the concert when Liang, Juwita & Patrick Leong came out to do one of Liang’s song “Hold On” By the way Liang .. the tune is still stuck in my head now …. La La …. La […]

Zoe Joy turns 3 Years Old

  We had a fab fun time with Zoe Joy when she turned 3 years old recently. So fast … 3 years have just come and gone! We thank God for HIS blessings on Zoe Joy’s life!! Indeed she brings laughter, joy and life to every group of people that she mixes with …. from […]