Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy Reading

Here’s a video of Zoe Joy learning to Read! [ad#dnt]

Kids Christmas Dance Practice

This is so cute! Watch the kids as they rehearse for the Christmas Day Dance performance. [ad#dnt]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Horsey Ride

Here’s a cute video of the kids riding the mini carousel at The Curve. 🙂

Zoe Joy Feeding herself with her own Meds

Aiyoh, this Zoe Joy wants to grow up so fast. Wanna be independent and to handle her own things. She has been coughing the last few days, and this is a video of her, feeding herself with her medication via a syringe! Well perhaps she takes it like a “game” for now 🙂 [ad#dnt]

Both Nathanael & Zoe Joy at Bridges EIP

It was the last day of school at Bridges EIP, and Zoe Joy joined koko at Bridges after her school. Here’s a video during Craft Time when both kids got to dip their hands in Flour and play! Watch the two videos below.

Kids learning to swim with Arm Floaties

Nathanael has managed to balance himself pretty well in the water. In his hydro therapy sessions, Tiff has already started him to swim with just the Arm Floats, and he’s doing it really well. Today’s swimming session Zoe Joy saw the ko ko using the floaties and she asked to try it too! And guess […]

Zoe Joy using Chopsticks to Makan at 3 yrs old

Check out Zoe Joy using Chopsticks to eat her Wan Tan Mee 🙂 I cant remember when i started using the chopsticks, but here she is going at it with her chopsticks at 3 yrs old 🙂 [ad#dnt]

Zoe Joy Swimming

Check out Zoe Joy as she swims on her own in the big pool. She knows how to kick her legs and paddle in the pool and clever enough to turn around by herself. Check out the two videos below. Video1 Video2 [ad#dnt]

Trip to Singapore & Universal Studios Singapore

We had a fabulous time in Singapore last week! It was a blast to travel with friends and to enjoy Univeral Studios Singapore together-gether! It was a trip filled with fun, laughter and great memories. Here are some of the photos captured and a Video of 3 Dancing Queens! Watch Rene, Caitlin & Zoe dance […]

Sesame Street Live with the LEEs

ELMO is so so so cute! We had a great time listening and moving to Big Bird, Elmo and all the other Sesame Street characters sing and dance at Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil. It was a fun time! Check out the photos, wished we could upload some photos, but the pesky people in “black tees” […]