Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael “Walking Over/Crossing Over” at Kids Haven

      Check out Nathanael Lee in Kids Haven school. As part of his exercise / obstacle course regime, he needs to traverse a mat with a high object in the middle. The Purpose is to walk over the object unassisted and to maintain balance on one leg whilst walking. Check out how Nathanael […]

Nathanael at Kids Haven Gym

Check out Nathanael today at Kids Haven. Kids Haven recently invested in a Gym for kids. You can see  Teacher Lydia helping Nathanael to walk on a Suspended Ladder, as he learn to balance and walk on the rungs of the ladder horizontally! This is amazing! Cos he’s learning to coordinate his own hands movement […]

Bubbles and Walks at Kiara Park

Nathanael & Zoe Joy had a fun day in the park today. Thank you cher cher Joann for the lovely gigantic bubbles ….. the kids had a lovely time with it. 🙂 Check out the pics in the park . . .

My Second Thousand Dollars (Ringgit) Shoes …..

Daddie & Mommie would like to start a PayPal Donate Campaign for my shoes! 🙂 It has been 18 months since dad & mom bought me a pair of Schien Shoes! The first pair costed them over RM1,300! Yups and now in less than 2 years, i need to get my second pair! Ai yo […]

Fun in the Park – Walking & Playing in the Sun!

We had so much fun today with the kids in the Park. It was warm & sunny, lots of clean air (finally … Thank God the haze seems to have gone), and it was a fun time together. The walking is great exercise for Nathanael … for us … 🙂 and the whole family benefits […]

Nathanael Walking & Cycling at HUKM

  Nathanael was walking more and more on his own at HUKM’s Therapy Room today. We’ve got a very interesting video below that you must watch. 🙂

Nathanael Walking & Chasing the Bell @ Bridges School

Today we see more of Nathanael walking, Tiff managed to capture a couple of videos and we pieced it all into one. Nathanael attends the Bridges Early Intervention Program School twice a week. And there’s just one activity that Nathanael really loves when he’s at Bridges. He loves to ring the “BELL”! He loves the […]

Video of Nathanael’s First Steps on Good Friday

This is the amazing milestone that Nathanael had last Friday. Nathanael was walking inside the Toddler’s Room of the church for approx five minutes. In the past Nathanael, we had to assist him while he walked. He was not confident in standing on his own, or even walking on his own. He would always want […]

Praise GOD!!! Halleliujah!! Nathanael Walked On His Own Today – unassisted!!!

Praise GOD!! Praise GOD!! Such an amazing and miraculous testimony. Nathanael walked on his own today!!!! He balanced himself and WALKED!!! U have no idea how long we have waited to see him do this!! Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! Hallelujah!! We very excited now. Wish we can support it with pictures and video.. […]

Nathanael Walking with Electric Gate

See this cute video in action! See how Nathanael walks when he stands at Kung Kung & Popo’s house main gates. First he will hold on to the gates with both hands. Then if u activate the automatic sliding gate …. it will start moving off to one side. And Nathanael will follow along .. […]