Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy Reading

Here’s a video of Zoe Joy learning to Read! [ad#dnt]

Nathanael and his Drumming skills

Nate actually imitated teacher joyce in rhythm today. He did it a few times, which is very very good in terms of keeping rhythm and following a beat on the Djembe. He absolutely love playing with it, if anyone of you know where to get one (CHEAP), let us know. Check out this short video […]

Kids Christmas Dance Practice

This is so cute! Watch the kids as they rehearse for the Christmas Day Dance performance. [ad#dnt]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Horsey Ride

Here’s a cute video of the kids riding the mini carousel at The Curve. 🙂

Nathanael’s first day at Mrs Teoh (Subang)

See how naughty Nathanael is for his first day with Ms Teoh. [ad#dnt]

Zoe Joy Feeding herself with her own Meds

Aiyoh, this Zoe Joy wants to grow up so fast. Wanna be independent and to handle her own things. She has been coughing the last few days, and this is a video of her, feeding herself with her medication via a syringe! Well perhaps she takes it like a “game” for now 🙂 [ad#dnt]

Both Nathanael & Zoe Joy at Bridges EIP

It was the last day of school at Bridges EIP, and Zoe Joy joined koko at Bridges after her school. Here’s a video during Craft Time when both kids got to dip their hands in Flour and play! Watch the two videos below.

Nathanael’s Bridges School Year End Party 2010

Nathanael had a great time at his school’s Year End Party. Nathanael has been attending Bridges Early Intervention Program (EIP) School since he was just over 5 months old (See a photo back in 2006). He has gained much from Bridges and  we are grateful to all the teachers, helpers and volunteers of Bridges EIP. […]

Nathanael beats his Disciplinary Action

Have you seen Nathanael been disciplined before? Since its hard for him to understand the concept of standing at the corner and not move; the best way for him NOT TO MOVE is to put him on an elevated platform (or table), so that he will stand perfectly still during his disciplinary time. Guess what? […]

Nathanael has Rhythm

Check out Nathanael as he follows his music teacher in beating the drums with rhythm! In fact Nathanael loves drumming, he normally creates his own rhythm sequences when he’s hitting on a surface that gives him the “thud” sounds. 🙂 [ad#dnt]