Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Kong Kong Admitted AGAIN!

    Kong Kong was warded into the hospital last week for about 4 days, God has preserved his life.  He had a mild stroke. As you know he is usually very healthy and thus it came as a shock to all of us—-including him.  If you ask him how he is he would tell you….” […]

Nathanael’s having Stomach Flu

Nathanael at Damansara Specialist to see Dr Vasantha this morning. He wasn’t his usual cheerie self, but was whining all the time. When we saw Dr Vasantha and infomed her of Nathanael’s symptoms, vomiting and no appetite to eat, she told us that this morning alone she already saw 4 children with the same symptoms. […]

Mommie & Nathanel are not well … pls PRAY

It all started with Zoe Joy yesterday. We dont know why but she vomited twice yesterday. And her bowels also let go ONE big time yesterday. Poor girl!! But she’s much better today. 🙂 Then this evening, Nathanael just vomited four times within an hour. Since he’s on the Ketogenic Diet and has water rationing, […]