Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Pray for Nathanael– EEG Today 4.08.08

If U read this post before 10am (msian time) Monday 4th August 2008 please remember Nathanael in prayers. We are taking him to HUKM for a EEG assessment at 8.30am. What is EEG? Well it is an electroencephalogram (EEG). This test that measures and records the electrical activity of your brain. Special sensors (electrodes) are […]

Nate’s on MOTOmed @ HUKM

This is great excercise that Nathanael has been doing the past 2 months. It’s called a MOTOmed. It cost the hospital something like RM11,000. That is one expensive excercise machine! By doing this it improves his knee & leg muscles,coordination and several other benefits. It is a motorised stationary bicycle and it moves your legs […]

FAQ:- How long more does Nate need to be on the Ketogenic Diet?

Come September 2008, Nathanael would have been on this special Ketogenic diet for 2 years. We can’t wait for the diet to come to an end, however we can’t just take him off the diet suddenly it will take 6 months to wean him off the high fat diet that he consumes everyday fo the […]

Nate walks steadily…

To our faithful readers–it’s been some time since we blogged. on Nate & his therapies. We’ve been absolutely busy la. Really want to thank GOD for the amount of progress that we have seen in Nathanael. The developments have been accelerated. So much that we can’t even keep up with the logging of his developments. […]

Nate & Zoe at the Beach

Not too long ago……the gang went to the beach. One BIG gang of us went. Daddie was away on a company trip so he couldn’t join us. So we took a day trip, we started out early as we wanted to catch the high tide. Po Po needed a dip in the salt water–Kong Kong also went but stayed away […]

Scientology …. What is it?

When i say Scientology … what comes to mind? Yeah … Tom Cruise too for me 🙂 Then i discovered that there was a whole long list of Celebrities who are into Scientology. The most recent “in the news” was that Will Smith claims that he is NOT a Scientologist at all! Ooooh digressing .. […]

Mothers Day!

HAPPY MOMMIE DAY!!!! Yup we are reallly lagging in blogging about this. What to do…We have got so much photos to blog about and we finally reached mother’s day…..not bad right…..timing just about ok as long as it’s before Fathers day which is coming up real soon. As usual we went out and makan, took […]

Swimming swimming in the water

The children love swimming! Especially Zoe Joy this girl ah she is not afraid of the water. As for Nathanael he doesn’t like the water when it is cold….so must slowly…..S l o w l y…take him into the pool once in the water he is fine la. Swimming is the time when daddie & […]

Sweet Siblings

Nathanael absolutely adores his baby sister Zoe. He has such a sweet expression on his face everytime the sister wraps her arms around him…..aiyoh!!! Melts your heart la. Right after the hug….his face beams with delight. What a sight! We really can tell that he loves his sister.  Show him a picture of her & he’ll smile from […]

At 15months…Zoe Joy’s hobby

Zoe Joy is such a bundle of joy;we really thank God for her…at 15 months she surely has a mind of her own. There are many things she seems to enjoy among the many she likes are walking around with a pencil & paper, sitting down flipping through a book and taking photos. She loves […]