Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


On this very DAY 2 years ago Part I

How quickly time flies as we begin to recall the day Nate was admitted to HKL to begin his Ketogenic diet.  We went to see the Dietician today & she has drawn out a meal plan for us. Pn Mariam drew out the menu guide after calculating food exchange values. All I needed was the […]

Nathanael’s Balance Therapy

Eveyday,every minute & hour is packed with therapy & excercise for little Nate. He is a very busy boy. We went to see Ms Teo Nate’s private OT coach. What you see above is Nate on the long bolster and also on the rubber pony. Zoe of course tags along & plays with all the […]

Ko Ko pushes Zoe

Part of Nathanael’s excercise therapy is walking & pushing Baby Zoe. We walk alot in the shopping centres & he enjoys it. Whenever we take him to TESCO & IKEA we get those little kiddies trolley and make Nate walk around with it. Of course after 20mins our friend gets very angry la. But we […]

Zoe Joy’s Well!

Thank U one and all for praying for Zoe Joy. The fever broke yesterday After we took her to the doctors on Monday & after giving her antibiotics she regained her health. PTL! At first wshe had us quite worried cos she wasn’t eating at all. The fever went up & down. It was hovering […]

SUPER HOT! “40.2 degrees”

Her fever spiked to 40.2 degrees & Daren saw that her body jerked 2 times. Cold chills ran don his spine so we rushed her to the hospital ASAP. We arrived at DSH and they checked her sponged her and later have her a dose of suppository Voltaren. Here were some shots we took while […]

PTL! Kong Kong discharged!

Praise God! Kong Kong is out from the hospital! Thank you all for praying. God is good! And I quote “I am ok. Nothing big a small thing only.” But thank you all for coming to visit him, praying with him and for all those smses. God Bless.

Good News!!!

Met Dr Choy at SJMC yesterday late afternoon. He is very happy with the progress he sees in Nathanael. We showed him the EEG report and that it recommended that we have another MRI done. He read the report & said no need la to repeat. Even if U had another one done what are […]

Visiting Kong Kong

Nathanael & Zoe went to visit Kong Kong in the hospital just now. Kong Kong was more than glad to see his grandchildren and was his usual self. He is fine & not in any pain at all since the doctor gave him a jab. Kong Kong was admitted to the hospital earlier today due […]

Nate’s Hot Favourites Songs!

Eveyday Nathanael has been listening to his favourite music selections with his headphones, He loves music. Currently these are some of his favourites. 1. Ants In The Apple – It helps him to learn the correct sounds for each letter of the alphabet and give him a head start at school! The easiest way for […]

Wait 2 weeks…

We finished the EEG today & it went smoothly. We had to keep Nathanael awake last night till 3am and woke him up again at 7.30am….cruel huh!! 🙂 He had only 4 hours of sleep. All this is due to the fact hat he had to sleep during the test ths morning. Thank you all […]