Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Journey down Tonle Sap (Clearwater Lake)

Today we took the journey down Tonle Sap, which is translated literally to Clearwater Lake. The lake i saw, Clearwater … didnt see much of it! Today was a journey where we really saw the poor, the needy and those who really labor in getting a day’s wage. Most of those we saw were fishermen, […]

Cambodians have SMALL feet

Well, or so i would deduce after climbing these realllly reallllllly small steps up to more ruins. Its amazing the steps are like 2 inches in diameter. We stopped like 5 minutes from Ang Ko Wat, and trekked up this hill for 10 minutes, and when we finally reach the summit of the hill, there […]

At the scene of Tomb Raider

We visited the site location where Tomb Raider was filmed. Yes more ruins to share with u. But the ruins were quite interesting … cos the site was huge and they had trees which grew over the ruins, forming interesting formations (see some pics below). Yeah, where is Lara Croft? We tried looking for her… […]

Daddie in Siem Reap

Daddie is away from the family this weekend, cos the company organized a Management Retreat in Siem Reap. Know where that is? Nope its not Thailand, though Thailand is one of its border. We are in Cambodia. Left the house early this morning at 4.45 to meet the rest of the team at the LCCT […]

Our Trip to Singapore

We had a A W E S O M E   time in Singapore recently. We had a FREE two nights stay at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore (where else but the Mandarin right?). It was an absolutely beautiful two nights stay at the hotel. Did i mentioned that we got upgraded to a City Suite too? We were […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy in Singapore

Recently Nathanael & Zoe Joy went down to Singapore. They were on a mission…..they went down to meet their new & latest addition to the family. Meet Raeanne Lin our little cousin sister :- Isn’t she cute? We didn’t get to play with her yet….maybe when she is older la….WELCOME Raeanne Lin! We love U! […]

daddie in Manila from 3 – 9 Aug

daddie will be going over to manila to work for close to a week. He will be staying of course at teh Mandarin Oriental in Manila. And since we are keeping this as the family blog, you will have to go our other blog to see what daddie is doing in Manila. The most recent […]

Holiday in Bangkok – Part Deux

We thought we better break the POST into TWO … otherwise it may just cause your internet to have a TIME OUT! from reading the First One 🙂 PART DEUX …. SHOPPPPPINNNNNGGG in Bangkok It was the Amazing Thailand Sale that’s happening over in Thailand. Guess what??? No one in our hotel knew about it!! […]

Our Bangkok Holiday

First and foremost … our deepest apologies for those of you who visit our Blog for the last month! We’ve been extremely busy with managing both Nathanael and Zoe Joy (but a JOY nevertheless), and busy migrating one of our blogs to its own domain (painful and tiring!) and of course trying to sell our […]

DAY ONE in Bangkok

It was a pretty non-hectic flight on Air Asia. We had a half load of passengers, so Tiff & I could share one row of seats together! 🙂 Thank God we arrived in Bankok International Airport safely. Checked in into the Baiyoke Sky Hotel … pretty decent hotel with a rather large room. At least […]