Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


At 15months…Zoe Joy’s hobby

Zoe Joy is such a bundle of joy;we really thank God for her…at 15 months she surely has a mind of her own. There are many things she seems to enjoy among the many she likes are walking around with a pencil & paper, sitting down flipping through a book and taking photos. She loves […]

Worlds Apart…

Was just going through some photos on the computer when i came across this:- And I thought I’d share this with all of U:- Look at the difference between the shoes… first we were thinking of getting Nathanael the one that is made in China from the Shanghai Shoe Company……that only cost RM130 I think […]

Tiffany was interviewed by Pastor Irene on Mothers’ Day

Last weekend in church, Pastor Irene Lim did a short interview with Tiffany on her role as a mother to Nathanael & Zoe Joy. Ps Irene was sharing with all mothers the importance of being a Spirit-Filled mom, and how mother’s can accomplish great tasks when they depend on God. I totally love the way Ps Irene […]

Dinner with The Andrews

We had a great time last Sunday with our cousins.  Went to their house for some yummy curry chicken! Nathanael & Zoe Joy had lots of fun! Both Elliot & Earol were entertaining both of the kids! The amazing surprise came towards the end of dinner. While we were chomping down on the fruits that Evelyn […]

Our Trip to Singapore

We had a A W E S O M E   time in Singapore recently. We had a FREE two nights stay at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore (where else but the Mandarin right?). It was an absolutely beautiful two nights stay at the hotel. Did i mentioned that we got upgraded to a City Suite too? We were […]

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day [from Nathanael to mommie] When mommie brought me Bridges School last Friday, Teacher Dolly taught me how to use nice colored papers to make a gift for Mommie. Teacher Dolly guided me to form flowers with papers and to stick it on red shaped heart paper. I was […]

4 Yee’s Visit from Singapore

We had a wonderful surprise visit from Singapore. 4 Yee Por came up for 3 days 4 Yee Por and Zoe Joy For the Album : 4 Yee Por, Zoe Joy, Ko Ko Nathanael, Emily Piu Yee, Ben, Eunice and Po Po Mommie and Nathanael with 4 Yee Por and Zoe Joy 4 Yee came […]

Tiffany’s Confinement Food

Talk about Yummmmmy-ness Who said Confinement food was only all about Ginger? I’ve been showered with great treats from my aunties. They have been taking good care of me! Each day they bring food, support and help. 🙂 Thank you so much. Isn’t my Breakfast yummy? Bacon & Eggs & Tomato with a glass of […]

Mommie, Daddie and Zoe Joy

Presenting Mommie and Daddie and Baby Zoe Joy Mommie with Baby Zoe Joy on the day of delivery. See how tired but happy mommie is. Baby Zoe Joy sleeping comfortably with Mommie. Check out Daddie’s new babe! Wow … she so so beautiful …. 🙂 [tags : darentiff zoejoy newbirth ]

And Baby Zoe Joy entered Planet Earth Today

Zoe Joy Lee We are so happy to announce the birth our second child, Zoe Joy Lee. Tiff went into labor today at 9.55am and at 1.46pm, baby Zoe Joy popped out! 🙂 Here are two cute pictures of her .. Zoe Joy snugly wrapped up in a towel. This was right after the delivery. […]