Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael’s Using His Hands

What are those cute funny dots on Nathanael’s face? Is Nathanael trying to dress up as a Clown? Is it a punishment for being late to School? Is that an overgrown pimple? Did Nathanael roll over a stickers book, and some peeled off and stuck on him? Is that the latest fad to Brighten Up […]

Therapeutic Listening for Nathanael

We are exploring a new therapy for Nathanael called Therapeutic Listening. It was recommended by Ms Teo during his last occupational therapy. What is Therapeutic Listening? + If you are travelling to USA this or next week … please drop us a note, we need your help. (read below for more info) Here’s some info […]

Nathanael learning to climb up & down

A Tribute to Bridges EIP Heartfelt thanks to Teacher Dolly & her wonderful team of helpers at school.You guys are just amazing! For your love,patience & support towards Nathanael. -Teacher Dolly -Ko Ko Benjamin Wong -Teacher Rachel -Teacher Joyce -Teacher Lee Hong Thank you! I am a living miracle of God and you have been […]

Nathanael’s New Milestone – on the Swing + Walker

WE are combining a couple of videos that we have taken over the last two weeks to show you Nathanael’s great progress in his development. We are really happy to see how he has been improving and we just wanna Thank GOD so much for His favor over Nathanael’s life. So you will be able […]

Nathanael is looking for a Walker

So we are looking for a WALKER for Nathanael. We must say that Nathanael is improving so much in the last couple of weeks. You can now support Nathanael at his underarms and you will see him progressing in little steps … as he walks in front!! WE are ESTACTIC! Really Thank God for the […]

Occupation Therapy – Sensory Integration : How well can Nathanael balance?

We rekindled therapy sessions with Ms Teo again. When Nathanael was initially diagnosed with infantile spasm, we had a regular therapy session with Ms Teo. Ms Teo is a Christian and practices physio and occupation therapy at home. Ms Teo also does a lot of sensory integration as well. She was evaluating Nathanael’s current progress […]

Nathanael’s Balancing Board

Nathanael was pretty blessed during Christmas (we’ve not blogged about the kids’ Christmas yet) .. and Nathanael was blessed from 5Ku Por & 6 Ku Por with a Balancing Board. As part of Nathanael’s therapy and daily exercise to stand, we’ve added a one step up, to aid Nathanael to balance when he stands. Nathanael […]

Nathanael’s Physio at HUKM

Just last Thursday Nathanael went for his weekly physio therapy at HUKM. He was put on two new exercise and therapy “equipments” to help in his balance. Nathanael started off with the Walker to help him to put strength in his legs so that he can learn to walk! We’re really glad that HUKM has […]

Nathanael Playing the Keyboard!

See how happy Nathanael is, when he gets the opportunity to play with the Keyboard. We also recently realized that we need to get him some sort of a banging instrument…. yeah something like a drum .. but where u can beat with your hands .. Bongo … or one of those things. Play it […]

My Therapy is to Stand Up Straight!!

When i go weekly to HUKM, one of my weekly exercises is to work on my “standing”. Check it out See I am holding myself and supporting myself as i Stand up in HUKM.In HUKM the therapy centre has cool equipments that can adjust to my height. 🙂 How’s this for a Side Profile Shot? […]