Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Holiday at Genting Outdoor Theme Park

  We took opportuniy of the recent Raya Holiday and took a day trip up to Genting with the kids, Popo, Leon, and Linda. It was a super fun trip! Fun for me, cos i’ve not been to the Genting Theme Park since …… errr …. since a long long time ago. And i was […]

The Making of “The Swing”

We received an email from a family whose son is also suffering from seizures, and when they saw the swing that Nathanael is using for his daily therapy and balancing, they asked for instructions on how to fix a swing for them. So we quickly SMS Handy Bergson, and despite being out of the country […]

Nathanael Standing on the Swing

Nathanael’s been exercising daily on his swing. Apart from sitting down and going round and round, moving sideaways and up and down …. is that he is made to stand to hold on to the ropes whilst moving him gently on the swing. This will help him to improve his overall balance when he stands […]

Handy Bergson made Nathanael his Swing

When we first posted up Nathanael’s new sensory integration exercise, to be swung in cicular movement on a make-shift swing, we asked for help to build a swing. We are so thankful for friends who read the blog, and friends who have the knowledge and skillset to help build one for Nathanael. Bergson was telling […]