Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Zoe Joy’s Bikini Photoshoot

We just could not hold back these fab pictures that mommie took of Zoe Joy last weekend at the poolside. The photos were fabulous and just brings out the cute-ness (if there’s such a word) in Zoe Joy. We went to the pool for a dip, but 90% of the shots that you’ll see below […]

Swimming without the round float

If we use the children’s pool in our area, Nathanael can actually stand in the water and be above the water. So one of the things that we have been hoping he will release is the round float that’s he’s in. We have always wanted to see if he could just go by with just […]

Swimming Poses

At our new place, both Nathanael & Zoe Joy have been enjoying the pool! Nathanael learning to Kick and move around on his own in the Kids Pool Nathanael sometimes would be lazy and just not kick! But its really great when he starts kicking and propels himself forward in the pool. Zoe didn’t join […]

Video of Nathanael Swimming & Kicking in the Pool

We didn’t want to put this Video at the bottom of the previous post, cos its a true testament of how Great God is in touching Nathanael and amazingly, he just balances himself in the water and kick and move around in the pool! HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD…SING WITH ME HOW GREAT IS OUR […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy by the Pool

Check out this Photo Blog of Nathanael & Zoe Joy by the Pool Nathanael is so so so happy to go into the Pool. Strike a POSE … Nathanael & Zoe Joy before entering the pool See how happy Nathanael is swimming on his own! This is trully a miracle to see him swimming on […]

A New Milestone for Nathanael Today whilst Swimming

The whole family went down to the pool today! We had a fabulous time swimming. Nathanael with Zoe and Kak Mas-our maid. Zoe couldn’t go into the pool, cos she’s just recovering from her flu. We tried Zoe Joy on the Bumbo seat, and she seats really well in it. She’s totally enjoying the ability […]

Swimming with his new Arm Floats

Nathanael is Swimming with his new Arm Floats. When you Look to your Left .. its Winnie When you Look to your Right .. its also Winnie the Pooh Nathanael didn’t really like the Arm Floats. He usually gets to go in a Round Floating Device. But we thought this would be good therapy for […]

Swimming with Cousin Eunice & Ben

Nathanael went swimming yesterday with cousin Eunice & Ben in the Sutera Pool. Lots of fun pics taken together. We also did the Dolphin Challenge again, but alas that was in Nathanael’s cousin’s video, so can’t show it here! But we did take quite a few pictures. Here are some of the nice ones taken […]

Fun in the pool & with friends at 1U

This will be a photo blog! Lots of photos, which we have uploaded in Flickr. We a great time in the pool yesterday, some friends came over : Charlotte & Jerome, Cheng Jin & Yi Yin. Actually more of Nathanael’s friend were suppose to be around, Caitlin, Wesley & Renee, but all last minute couldnt […]

The Dolphin Challenge – 3 Videos

This is so so so funny. Yesterday when we were at the swimming pool, we gave a Dolphin Challenge to each other. Who can stay longest on the Dolphin and who can paddle and move whilst on the Dolphin? Here are three videos, one of Charlotte, one of Jerome and one of me. It is […]