Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Swimming Classes for Babies & Toddlers in Malaysia

We were trying to find a Swim Class for 2 1/2 years old, and when we asked for information on Facebook, we received quite a lot of responses. Sharing this Swim Class information with all, so that everyone can benefit. (Information as per Oct 2016) From the list below, it looks like Aqua Babies Malaysia […]

Zoe Joy jumping into the Pool and Swimming

Very happy to see Zoe Joy’s progress in her swimming. Today she jumps into the big pool and starts swimming towards Teacher Yean Ching. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad that she’s no longer scared of the water and is learning to swim ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoe Joy Swimming Class

  Check out some cool and fun photos of Zoe Joy’s recent swimming class. She’s now no longer afraid of going underwater and is learning to use the kick board to move around the pool. The fun thing about the swimming class, she’s learning it with her friend Andrea and they are both having ย a […]

Kids learning to swim with Arm Floaties

Nathanael has managed to balance himself pretty well in the water. In his hydro therapy sessions, Tiff has already started him to swim with just the Arm Floats, and he’s doing it really well. Today’s swimming session Zoe Joy saw the ko ko using the floaties and she asked to try it too! And guess […]

Zoe Joy Swimming

Check out Zoe Joy as she swims on her own in the big pool. She knows how to kick her legs and paddle in the pool and clever enough to turn around by herself. Check out the two videos below. Video1 Video2 [ad#dnt]

Nathanael swimming on his own at Hydro Therapy

Check out our darling son swimming on his own during his Hydro Therapy today at HUKM. It was recently that Nathanael acquired his balance and confidence to swim with just the Arm Floaties. He’s doing a great job swimming on his own and balancing in the water. ๐Ÿ™‚ Amazing! Praise God! You can watch Nathanael […]

Zoe Joy looks so adorable in her Minnie Mouse outfit

ย  Zoe Joy was blest with a Minnie Mouse Swimsuit by 4 Yee Por! Its an adorable swimsuit with a Minnie Mouse cap, and evenย a little tail at the back. Its really really very cute ๐Ÿ™‚

I like to move it–move it!!

Glory hallelujah!! Let’s shout His Fame!! Praise His name!! Nate can swim on his own!! I mean he can move his legs & kick & kick. He can also manuever himself to go after balls & play with toys in the hydro pool at HUKM. We’re so happy & thankful simply because up and until […]

Fun in the Pool at Ancasa Resort

ย  We had a great time two weeks ago at the Cell Leaders Retreat at Ancasa Resort, Port Dickson. We only now managed to find time to download the photos from the Camera, resize them and reupload them online. We have some really cute photos the kids in the Swimming Pool together with others ….. […]

School Holidays with Nathanael & Zoe Joy

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! In the HOT sun! my cool cousins cameby for a nice dip in the pool (from the top :-mommie,kor kor,abang ben,che che eunice &