Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael holds and listen to the Sony Ericsson Phone

This is a “Praise The Lord” Photo!! For those of you who have not seen Nathanael for a bit, we are pleased to inform you that Nathanael has learn to hold on to one of his most fav toy (mommie’s sony ericsson phone). As you know all his fav music are stored on it, and […]

Nathanael can now Hold the Handphone (Milestone)

As many of you would know Nathanael loves music. And Tiff constantly plays music thru her SonyEricsson phone to either stimulate him or pacify him. Recently another great feat that Nathanael has learnt to do is to take the handphone when you pass it to him. He quite pandai wan, can put it to either […]

Nathanael Sayang the Handphone

This is a three part series photos which is so cute. See how Nathanael Sayang … Shows Affection. Nathanael Sayang the Handphone First we would show Nathanael a Photo. He will look at it … and then if he is interested . . . He will use his head to Sayang the Handphone (Sony Ericsson […]

Nathanael’s Audio Therapy – Thank you Sony Ericsson

We really didn’t realize how great of a phone the Sony Ericsson W800i was when we first purchased it back in August 2005. At that time it was a nice and funky phone with a cool looking orange cover. Not realizing that the phone’s recording quality and mp3 playback were so so useful. We have […]