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Nate walks steadily…

To our faithful readers–it’s been some time since we blogged. on Nate & his therapies. We’ve been absolutely busy la. Really want to thank GOD for the amount of progress that we have seen in Nathanael. The developments have been accelerated. So much that we can’t even keep up with the logging of his developments. […]

My first Rocking Horse Ride

Nathanael at HUKM P H Y S I O T H E R A P Y This is Nathanael’s first Rocking Horse Ride. Its a great tool for getting Nathanael to learn to Balance Himself whilst the Rocking Horse rocks back and forth. Rocking Away ……… slowly Nathanael being helped on to the horse and […]

Nathanael says .. Look Mom .. No Hands :)

Yet Another Milestone We Thank GOD for Nathanael’s imrpovement which we see week on week. Last Thursday when Nathanael was at HUKM for his Physio Therapy, His therapist (Yoke Fong) mentioned that Nathanael’s Standing has improved. Yoke Fong said that Nathanael is willing to bear weight on his knees, and therefore do not need to […]

Check out my Physio and Occupational Therapy Session today

Nathanael’s Physio and Occupational Therapies We managed to capture some brilliant photos of Nathanael during both his Physio Therapy session and Occupational Therapy session. This morning I started my Physio Therapy session at HUKM at 9am. I was put on a see-saw thing, whilst sitting down on a wooden bench. My therapist wanted to see […]

Nathanael in Snozelen (HUKM) – 3 Videos

This is one of Nathanael’s Therapy Sessions at HUKM. Tiff managed to capture three videos of him in Snozelen. As u know Snozelen is a pretty dark room illuminated with special lights, (there’s one of Nathanael next to a Fibre Optic Light track)and other light objects. Check out the Third Video where you can see […]