Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael the Musician!

OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM…………… E-I E-I O…. At Bridges aside from language learning,physio,occupational work we also have a music time, We have a┬áband too And so may we present to U………DRUM roll please ……….. Nathanael Lee on the guitar! Hahahhaaha! YES! And Doesn’t he look like Daddie playing the guitar in church. Teacher […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy at Ikea’s Sale

The shots below are so cute and funny! The kids were recently at Ikea at their Sale corner. You know where “AS IS” is? AS IS is where they put their furniture that was previously on display and they sell it as it is, thus “As Is”. Anyway, there was a Lazy Boy Chair which […]

Nathanael on the Motorbike

Today at the mall, we put Nathanael on one of the Toy Motorcycles. He just look so cute on it. And he sat up with such good posture. In the end we decided to save on the 2 x 50 cents to get the bike moving, and just take a pic for all of u […]

Listen to Nathanael as he Babbles … :)

One of the other great improvement for Nathanael is his speech development! He is using more syllables each day, and we are extremely sure he will pop out his first word pretty soon!! Watch this cute video of Nathanael as he begins to communicate in his “baby babbling language” and gets our attention with his […]

Nathanael sits up on his own!! WOO HOO!! A New Milestone

Really wanna thank GOD for the great works in Nathanael’s life!! We’ve been coaxing and waiting for Nathanael to sit up on his own for some time. And we are blest to see God’s promise come to pass, when Nathanael sat up on his own over a month and a half ago!! This is such […]

Nathanael Sitting on a Swing!

Another thing we want to share is that Nathanael can sit on a swing! This is excellent stimulation! Vestibular Stimulation! We again want thank our Lord Jesus for touching Nathanael. YES!! We were so happy simply because Nathanael was not able to do that before! See he is even using his hands to hang on […]

MILESTONE–Nathanael got up to sit on his own!

Thank you guys so much for praying for Nathanael! God is really amazing! Nathanael one day about 2 weeks ago decided to get up from a lying position to a sitting position! All on his own! That was amazing! Really! He did it like 8 times that day. ( It’s a pity we couldn’t catch […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy Out Shopping

We went on a little Trip I guess with two kids, we now have to utilize TWO carriers. One Stroller for Nathanael One Pram for Zoe Joy And for the non-parents out there. Yes there’s a difference between a Pram and a Stroller. A Pram would allow a Baby to sleep in, hence Zoe Joy […]

Nathanael says .. Look Mom .. No Hands :)

Yet Another Milestone We Thank GOD for Nathanael’s imrpovement which we see week on week. Last Thursday when Nathanael was at HUKM for his Physio Therapy, His therapist (Yoke Fong) mentioned that Nathanael’s Standing has improved. Yoke Fong said that Nathanael is willing to bear weight on his knees, and therefore do not need to […]

Nathanael Sitting on the Edge

See How High I’m Sitting But no worries, I’m not alone. This is where 5 Ku Por (Aunty Jenny) will bring me to when i “man – chang” (throw my tantrums). I love the garden and the outside part of the house. So this is where 5 Ku Por brings me too each time she […]