Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


2011 Mothers Day Presentation in Church

We had a fun celebration for Mother’s Day on Saturday in Church. The Kidz@5 presented 3 Songs + 1 Poem to all the Mothers at Church. Kids were adorably cute and entertaining. They started with two slow songs – My Mommy Helps Me (Tune of My Bonnie) and On Mothers Day (Tune of Oh Christmas […]

Nathanael Singing with Mommie

Have you seen Nathanael sing before? Yes… Nathanael does sing! He has this amazing ability to remember and pick up a song after listening to it for at least three times! We realized this when I sang a sunday school song with Nathanael called .. ” am inright, outright, upright …… ” and Nathanael would […]

Nathanael the Musician!

OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM…………… E-I E-I O…. At Bridges aside from language learning,physio,occupational work we also have a music time, We have a┬áband too And so may we present to U………DRUM roll please ……….. Nathanael Lee on the guitar! Hahahhaaha! YES! And Doesn’t he look like Daddie playing the guitar in church. Teacher […]

New Milestone : Nathanael Shakes Your Hand

This is absolutely brilliant!! We managed to capture this new milestone on video tonite. We were about to put Nathanael to bed, and while we were playing with him, Tiff extended out her hand as a handshake gesture . . . Guess what? Nathanael extended out his own hand and took Tiff’s hand and shook […]