Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Shopping at Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale

We went shopping at the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale last weekend … and there were HEAPS and HEAPS of people buying books. It was a long drive to MAEPS, Serdang .. but the books available were amazingly CHEAP and plentiful, best part it was a huge hall with air condition. We bought lots of books […]

Day Out with Elmo & Cookie Monster

It was a fun day at 1 Utama today … when we got the chance to meet up with Elmo & Cookie Monster! Sesame Street Live is coming to Malaysia in September, and it was a promo day at 1U. We bumped into the How’s and also Jessica at the photo session 🙂 Zoe Joy […]

Shopping in KL

We had fun yesterday going around KL … shopping and taking photos. Here are a few pictures of what we took!

Worlds Apart…

Was just going through some photos on the computer when i came across this:- And I thought I’d share this with all of U:- Look at the difference between the shoes… first we were thinking of getting Nathanael the one that is made in China from the Shanghai Shoe Company……that only cost RM130 I think […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy at Ikea’s Sale

The shots below are so cute and funny! The kids were recently at Ikea at their Sale corner. You know where “AS IS” is? AS IS is where they put their furniture that was previously on display and they sell it as it is, thus “As Is”. Anyway, there was a Lazy Boy Chair which […]