Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


My Second Thousand Dollars (Ringgit) Shoes …..

Daddie & Mommie would like to start a PayPal Donate Campaign for my shoes! 🙂 It has been 18 months since dad & mom bought me a pair of Schien Shoes! The first pair costed them over RM1,300! Yups and now in less than 2 years, i need to get my second pair! Ai yo […]

Worlds Apart…

Was just going through some photos on the computer when i came across this:- And I thought I’d share this with all of U:- Look at the difference between the shoes… first we were thinking of getting Nathanael the one that is made in China from the Shanghai Shoe Company……that only cost RM130 I think […]