Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Little Red Riding Hood

Here’s a cutie pic of Zoe Joy Lee. Reminds you of Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t it? I love the way the baju fits her …. ahhh … she’s just so adorable. Picture is taken at HUKM’s Sensory Integration Room. This is where Nathanael gets to explores motion, senses and touch on various kinds of […]

The Making of “The Swing”

We received an email from a family whose son is also suffering from seizures, and when they saw the swing that Nathanael is using for his daily therapy and balancing, they asked for instructions on how to fix a swing for them. So we quickly SMS Handy Bergson, and despite being out of the country […]

Occupation Therapy – Sensory Integration : How well can Nathanael balance?

We rekindled therapy sessions with Ms Teo again. When Nathanael was initially diagnosed with infantile spasm, we had a regular therapy session with Ms Teo. Ms Teo is a Christian and practices physio and occupation therapy at home. Ms Teo also does a lot of sensory integration as well. She was evaluating Nathanael’s current progress […]