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How the Ketogenic Diet has cured infantile and juvenile epilepsy

Nathanael was born to Daren Lee and Tiffany Tang on 22 September 2004. He was their firstborn and the first grandchild in both Daren and Tiffany’s families. At 4 months old, his parents began to notice he was not responding appropriately. At their usual periodic check-up, the paediatrician recommended them to get him seen by […]

Nathanael Seizure Attack on 7 August 2012

  7 August 2012 : Nathanael started his day as normal. He went to school (SJK Kelana Jaya) and was in his Sensory Integration class, when we received a phone call from his teacher that Nathanael was not feeling well. Teacher said after doing some “Roller Board” therapy, he looked like he was unwell and […]

Good News!!!

Met Dr Choy at SJMC yesterday late afternoon. He is very happy with the progress he sees in Nathanael. We showed him the EEG report and that it recommended that we have another MRI done. He read the report & said no need la to repeat. Even if U had another one done what are […]

FAQ:- How long more does Nate need to be on the Ketogenic Diet?

Come September 2008, Nathanael would have been on this special Ketogenic diet for 2 years. We can’t wait for the diet to come to an end, however we can’t just take him off the diet suddenly it will take 6 months to wean him off the high fat diet that he consumes everyday fo the […]

Nathanael’s 200th Day on Ketogenic Diet

Amazing … 200 days have come and gone and Nathanael is doing well on his Ketogenic Diet. In fact Nathanael looks forward to his meal periods and thru his Meal periods he actually is motivated to “work” to get his food. Initially (September 2006) when we started on the Ketogenic Diet we were apprehensive. Afterall […]

Fits Diary – October Update! Praise GOD for the good news!

God is so good! Its amazing and termendous change, after tracking countless number of seizures that Nathanael had experienced since February 2005, and on his 16th day of the Ketogenic Diet, we stopped seeing any physical seizures in Nathanael. Its really All Glory To God for that amazing change in Nathanael’s life. If we were […]

Nathanael’s Fits Diary – September Update

Here are some updates to Nathanael’s seizures / fits. We have just added the September & October graphs below (its also updated in the main Fits Diary page) We are glad to share with all of you that Nathanael’s seizures or fits have decreased. In the month of May, June & July – Nathanael averaged […]

Nathanael’s Fits Diary – August Update

We’ve just tabulated Nathanael’s seizures/fits for August and have uploaded his graph/stats on to his Fits Diary page. His seizures seems to be maintaing an average of 20 – 30 a day at this moment. Continue to pray that his seizures will reduce and stop. Take a look at the page to see trends. We’ve […]

Nathanael’s next step – Ketogenic Diet

We will be starting Nathanael on the Ketogenic Diet sometime by end September. We will be going to the General Hospital Kuala Lumpur (GHKL) or as some has aptly corrected us its now known as the Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) [apparently its not that General anymore] We are awaiting for the confirmation dates from both […]

The Ketogenic Diet

Many of you are asking us what is this Ketogenic Diet that we are starting for Nathanael, so we have put some documentation together from a book and some internet websites. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]