Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Celebrate Ma Ma’s Birthday

We celebrated Ma Ma’s birthday at a Japanese Restaurant recently and we some yummy Japanese food! Birthdays in Malaysia is all about makan, makan, makan! 🙂

Shopping in KL

We had fun yesterday going around KL … shopping and taking photos. Here are a few pictures of what we took!

Fun in the Park – Walking & Playing in the Sun!

We had so much fun today with the kids in the Park. It was warm & sunny, lots of clean air (finally … Thank God the haze seems to have gone), and it was a fun time together. The walking is great exercise for Nathanael … for us … 🙂 and the whole family benefits […]

Children are absolutely the CUTEST!!!

Children are just so so so so cute! We were having dinner with the Pus tonite, and we just got trigger happy with the Canon 500D and starting snapping away at the kids. We got many really cute cute shots … check them out below

Nate making wonderful progress

I think accelerated development is the word that best describes it. Everynight we pray that the Lord will just touch Nate & accelerate his growth & developments. We thank God for all the good stuff that has been taking place in our lives. Nathanael is walking steadily now. We make him walk for longer periods now. […]

Snip Snip Snip – Nathanael’s hair cut experience

  Here are some cute pictures of Nathanael while having his recent hair cut. We bring him to Ikano for his hair cut, as they have this place that’s special for kids. They call it the Happy Kids Cut; and its only RM12 for a hair cut. The Happy Kids Cut area is brightly lit, […]

Fun in the Pool at Ancasa Resort

  We had a great time two weeks ago at the Cell Leaders Retreat at Ancasa Resort, Port Dickson. We only now managed to find time to download the photos from the Camera, resize them and reupload them online. We have some really cute photos the kids in the Swimming Pool together with others ….. […]

Nate’s on MOTOmed @ HUKM

This is great excercise that Nathanael has been doing the past 2 months. It’s called a MOTOmed. It cost the hospital something like RM11,000. That is one expensive excercise machine! By doing this it improves his knee & leg muscles,coordination and several other benefits. It is a motorised stationary bicycle and it moves your legs […]

Nate & Zoe at the Beach

Not too long ago……the gang went to the beach. One BIG gang of us went. Daddie was away on a company trip so he couldn’t join us. So we took a day trip, we started out early as we wanted to catch the high tide. Po Po needed a dip in the salt water–Kong Kong also went but stayed away […]

Nathanael Playing Outdoors at Bridges School

We have seen great improvement in Nathanael’s motor skills over the past few weeks. We are really glad to see Nathaanel participating with the Outdoor Activities organized at Bridges EIP School. Last Tuesday .. all the kids got to go out of the classroom to the field & basketball court area of the school . There […]