Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


New Milestone for Nathanael : Jumping OFF The Ground

Nathaneal’s New Milestone : Jumping off the Ground Nate has always been able to mimic the “Jump” effect by bending his knees and straightening his knees, but never have we seen him actually “Lift Off” the ground! Today Praise God!! is another milestone in Nathanael’s life! Today he started JUMPING!!! And even after the video, […]

Nathanael eats a Steak!

Today, we witness another milestone for the boy! Nate is pretty “Chinese” when it comes to his meal (meaning, normally Rice + Meat, Vege, and the occasional curry). Today he surprised us all, when he took a bite of Yeh Yeh’s Ribeye, and then he showed that he enjoyed it and carried on eating!!! What […]

Nathanael eating Ice Cream [New Milestone]

This is a New Milestone for Nathanael. He normally don’t like Ice Cream because of the cold temperature and the texture of the soft ice cream. Today, while shopping at Tesco, he suddenly said “I want Ice Cream”, later at home when we let him try, he ATE the Ice Cream!! Wow!! This is Progress!

Nathanael arranging Tables at ECC [New Milestone]

NEW MILESTONE We celebrate every step of growth and development in Nathanael’s life. This is a video of Nathanael at Emmanuel Care Center (ECC) this week, when he helped Teacher Cecilia carry the tables and arranging them neatly in the corner! You can also see how Nate who normally refuses to wear/put anything on his […]

Nathanael turns overs his spoon for dinner [Milestone]

We use to turn Nates spoon over so that he would stop eating his meal. As of today (13 Oct 2014), he showed us that he could turn the spoon right side up and continue eating! 🙂 Its a new milestone for Nate!

New Milestone, Nathanael Pressing and Activating Disney Toy

      This is the first time we see Nathanael learning to use the strength in his fingers to depress the button to make the Disney toy light up and spin. Nathanael always loved this toy from Aunty Emily & Uncle Alvin, but he always had to asked someone else to press the button […]

Milestone : Nathanael picking up his own cup and drinking

  Nathanael has been able to drink on his own for a long time, but today on 1 April 2012 a new Milestone occured. During dinner … Nate picked up his own Cup and drank from it! That is such a great improvement, as previously we had to help direct him to pick up the […]

Milestone : Nathanael Picking Up Cup and Drinking

Another Milestone that Nathanael did well this week. Something that I may at  times take for granted – Picking a Cup and Drinking from it. Who knew the amount of coordination, muscle tone development and conceptualization that one needed in order to drink from a cup? We are very happy to see Nathanael picking up […]

Milestone : Nate removing his own shoes & socks

We celebrate every milestone that Nathanael accomplishes, and check out this video this week. Nathanael sits downs and removes his own shoes and socks on his own! Now he must put his socks in his shoes! 🙂

Sep 2011 Milestone : Nathanael Stands Up on his Own

  This is another Amazing Milestone for Nathanael Lee. Last Weekend Tiff & I shared this testimony that Nathanael started learning to STAND UP on his own from a sitting position on the floor without any assistance. Today Tiff managed to capture a Video of him standing up!! PRAISE GOD!! We celebrate Nathanael’s new milestones […]