Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


MRI Report is out!

We went for our usual physio therapy sessions today at HUKM. While Nate was on the threadmill under the supervision of our trusted & dedicated physio therapist Yoke Fong & our maid…I made a quick dash to the peads clinic just to check & see if Nate’s MRI Report is ready. I really went there […]

Zoe Joy’s Inborn Error Metabolism Test

Zoe Joy’s First Hospital Experience Well, after a newborn has been discharged from the hospital, they normally don’t go back to another hospital till its time for their vaccinations. But we wanted to do run the Inborn Error Metabolism test for Zoe Joy, so we brought her to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. What is Inborn Error […]

Nathanael turns 10 Months Old

In 2 more days, Nathanael will be 10 months old! Wow such “quick-ness” if there’s such a word to describe how the last ten months have been for the family. God is GOOD, and HE is GOOD everyday of this 10 months. We’ve got a praise report and also some updates on Nathanael’s condition. We […]

Nathanael’s 7 1/2 Month Old Medical Update

Nathanael’s Medical Condition: Todate he’s still suffering from fits / infantile spasm. This has been happening for two months already. Last week the average fits that occurs per day have increased. We are concerned about his condition and the frequency of his fits. We’ve also started to increase the dosage of his medication (called TOPOMAX). […]

Nathanael Lee diagnosed with Infantile Spasm

On the day when Nathanael reached 5 Months and 1 Day Old (23 Feb 2005), he was admitted into the Pantai Medical Centre! After spending a week unde the professional care of his Neuroligist Consultant, Dr Malinee and the awesome Nurses of “5C”, Nathanael is currently diagnosed with what we call “Infantile Spasm”. Nathanael underwent […]