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Fits Diary – October Update! Praise GOD for the good news!

God is so good! Its amazing and termendous change, after tracking countless number of seizures that Nathanael had experienced since February 2005, and on his 16th day of the Ketogenic Diet, we stopped seeing any physical seizures in Nathanael. Its really All Glory To God for that amazing change in Nathanael’s life. If we were […]

Nathanael’s Fits Diary – September Update

Here are some updates to Nathanael’s seizures / fits. We have just added the September & October graphs below (its also updated in the main Fits Diary page) We are glad to share with all of you that Nathanael’s seizures or fits have decreased. In the month of May, June & July – Nathanael averaged […]

Nathanael’s Day 9 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [The Last Day in HKL]

YAY!! This is the last nite picture taken at HKL. Here’s Nathanael drinking his RCF Milk. Yum Yum.[One Can of *RCF Milk can only be portioned out to 4 drinking periods and it must be consumed within 24 hours of opening the can!!] So Nathanael was discharge from Hospital Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 26 September […]

Nathanael’s Day 8 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Nathanael probably will be discharged by tomorrow (Tuesday). YAY!!!! As everyone might think will be our reaction……… BUT! !!!!! Quite the scarry!! The stress begins for us…..aiyoh! !! We gotta cook & prepare his Ketogenic Meal. No experience no nothing….. …how leh?? Please please pray for us ya……. in the hospital we just need to […]

Nathanael Turns TWO today & Day 5 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Nathanael turns two years old today on 22 September 2006. Today is also Nathanael’s fifth day in Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his Ketogenic Diet. So instead of eating Cakes and Yummy Food during his birthday, this time he will have to sacrifice and eat one of the Ketogenic Diet Meal Plans set for him. Nate: […]

Nathanael’s Day 4 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [Part2]

This is a video taken on 21 September in HKL about an hour before Nathanael’s birthday. He was really in an excited mood and mom had just prayed for him over the phone as he approaches his 2nd birthday. Enjoy this two minute video of Nathanael or Click Here to view it. [tags : darentiff […]

Nathanael’s Day 4 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Hey ….. check out my new CRIB!They have moved me from Bed27 to Bed6. Well the three Beds around Bed27 were the “acute areas” where the nurses have to monitor the progress of the children at all times. Now … my sugar level is ok (cos they feeding me good!) and my ketosis level seems […]

Nathanael’s Day 3 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [Part2]

In the late afternoon today, we also did another EEG (ElectroEncephaloGram) scan for Nathanael. (We think, this may be the fifth EEG he has done) Thankfully Nathanael was sleeping well, so they didnt need to sedate him. We carried him down from his Ward to the EEG room, the person in charge put up all […]

Nathanael’s Day 3 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Its Day 3 already in HKL. Here are three photos and a short summary of what happened today in HKL. Check out the bruises on his toes. This is how the nurses check on Nathanael’s sugar level. They would poke one of the toes till it bleeds. Then put the blood onto a machine to […]

Nathanael’s Day 2 in Hospital Kuala Lumpur [Part2]

Here’s a brief Update on Nathanael during Nathanael’s second evening in HKL Glucose Level threshold is 2.6–anything lower is like…..sitting at the edge of your seats!And if it goes down to 2…..wahlau!! On Tuesday night @ 10.15pm his glucose level went down to 1.9Doc gave instructions to feed him milk and to check glucose (sugar […]