Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Praise Report on Nathanael’s Hearing Assessment

Tiff & mom brought Nathanael for his Hearing Assesment today. And we would like to share a Praise Report with you. After completing his tests, we were told that Nathanael’s Right Ear can now hear at 25db. The audiologist reminded us that the last time we came, Nathanael’s Right Ear could only hear 50db and […]

Nathanael turns 10 Months Old

In 2 more days, Nathanael will be 10 months old! Wow such “quick-ness” if there’s such a word to describe how the last ten months have been for the family. God is GOOD, and HE is GOOD everyday of this 10 months. We’ve got a praise report and also some updates on Nathanael’s condition. We […]