Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael’s Using His Hands

What are those cute funny dots on Nathanael’s face? Is Nathanael trying to dress up as a Clown? Is it a punishment for being late to School? Is that an overgrown pimple? Did Nathanael roll over a stickers book, and some peeled off and stuck on him? Is that the latest fad to Brighten Up […]

New Milestone : Nathanael Shakes Your Hand

This is absolutely brilliant!! We managed to capture this new milestone on video tonite. We were about to put Nathanael to bed, and while we were playing with him, Tiff extended out her hand as a handshake gesture . . . Guess what? Nathanael extended out his own hand and took Tiff’s hand and shook […]

Nathanael Standing & Holding His Radio

Today our maid was helping Nathanael with his physio therapy. She made him stand by the door and got him to hold his little toy radio which Uncle Vic Su got him. We want to thank God for this as he used to retaliate and refuse to use his hands. This is good as it […]

Nathanael Sitting on a Swing!

Another thing we want to share is that Nathanael can sit on a swing! This is excellent stimulation! Vestibular Stimulation! We again want thank our Lord Jesus for touching Nathanael. YES!! We were so happy simply because Nathanael was not able to do that before! See he is even using his hands to hang on […]

New Milestone – Nathanael Held On

This was taken at Church last week during our Cell Conference. Nathanael amazed us when we passed him the Ball (toy) to playand he Held on to it with both hands!!! Indeed another Milestone!! Praise God!! [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]

Zoe Joy got a Really Strong Grip

Zoe Joy is only 2 weeks and 5 days old But she really has a strong strong grip. Even when you put your finger, she will wrap her tiny fingers around your one finger. SO CUTE !:) See … Zoe Joy is holding onto her Nappy Cloth. (Which we use to snugly wrap her to […]