Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


CNY Dinner with Kum Po and Family

¬† After a yummylicious lunch this afternoon, dinner was another eating affair! It was course after course of non-stop good, yummy, Chinese Food! LOVE IT! Tonite’s dinner was with Kum Po, Kan Family, Danker Family and Popo, Lim Family and our family. It was a lovely¬†celebration …

Our Chinese New Year 2010 Celebrations

¬† We had a fabulous time this year celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends. Needless to say, we had heaps of food! Food that we could not get enough of, and food that we just didn’t want to eat anymore later! Time with family is always best, its the “yit-lau” feeling and atmosphere, […]

Zoe Joy with Great Grand Ma (Ah Tai)

Presenting Zoe Joy and Great Grand Ma My Grandma (popo) is Zoe Joy’s Great Grand Ma (Ah Tai). My popo unfortunately is not that good on her feet, so she couldn’t join us during the recent Full Moon. Today, Daddie, Mommie, Kor Kor Nathanael and baby Zoe Joy went out for a Car Ride and […]

Nathanael’s first Chinese New Year & Ang Pows!

These are our recent pictures of Nathanael. He is currently 4 1/2 months old. We’ve just celebrated Nathanael’s first Chinese New Year in KL. Here are some pics of him with his family and relatives. Its also his first time receiving Ang Pow! He’s so cute cos he already learned how to “hold on” to […]