Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Gifts from Canada

Thank you to 3 Ku Por & 5 Ku Por for blessing Nathanael and Zoe Joy with such cute tee shirts. [tags : darentiff zoejoy nathanael ]

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day [from Nathanael to mommie] When mommie brought me Bridges School last Friday, Teacher Dolly taught me how to use nice colored papers to make a gift for Mommie. Teacher Dolly guided me to form flowers with papers and to stick it on red shaped heart paper. I was […]

Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty’s Visit from Hawaii

YAY!!! Uncle Stephen & Aunty Betty visited from Hawaii!! They came over to visit Nathanael and Zoe Joy yesterday. Unfortunately Nathanael was tired out after his therapy sessions at HUKM and was resting. Here’s a photo of Uncle Stephen, Aunty Betty and Zoe Joy Aunty Betty smiling and talking to Zoe Joy Thank you Unlce […]

My Dress Cantik tak?

Zoe Joy list of gifts has been exhaustive. Mommie is actually absolutely fantastic at remembering … oh this dress was given by this person .. or that cap was given by that person … or this socks was given by this other person. Daddie … well … errr ….. just takes the pictures and posts […]

Nathanael’s Toy – Elmo TMX & Winnie the Pooh

Nathanael’s Toys Nathanael is really BLESSED 🙂 We just want to highlight on these two toys which are a partial therapy to Nathanael. Ps Julie Khoo gave Nathanel a Winnie the Pooh for his Christmas Present. Its an amazing Winnie The Pooh, cos he sits on top of a turtle and moves. The toy comes […]

My CNY Baju

Thank you Mah Mah (Grandma) for my cool CNY Baju. Mommie was pretty anxious initially that I could not fit into it. So the nite before CNY … we tested the baju and did a photo Shoot! I am doing my cute position. Sitting down and staring up at Mommie! Now when i give you […]

Nathanael New Pyjamas

Thanks to Kung Kung, who recently came back from India and bought this really cute PJs! Its a blue, yellow, pink striped pyjamas. [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]

On Boxing Day … I opened up all my Christmas Pressies

This post a bit ketinggalan. These are Nathanael’s Christmas presents when he opened all his presents on Boxing Day. Check out the Ribbon tied on his head, our maid was getting creative with all the wrappers and ribbon opened. 🙂 Thank you so much to all of you who gave Nathanael presents. (errrr… we received […]

Nathanael’s Black Eyed Panda

Check out Nathanael’s new toy. Its a Black Eyed Panda. Thanks to Uncle Nick who just got back from Mongolia with this cute gift for Nathanael. See how the Panda hugs Nathanael’s left arm. 🙂 Cuteness! [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]