Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


This Weekend at Church

Weekend at Church sometime during the church service. Kak Mas brought Nathanael to the back of the church and got him to stand as part of his exercise … Nathanael standing up by the wall with Minh standing next to him. See his cheeky face when he stands. And because he knows that Kak Mas […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Holiday to Kuantan

This is Nathanael and Zoe Joy’s recent holiday at Kuantan. [Narrated by Nathanael & Zoe] Zoe : This is my first trip ever! Nathanael : Yeah … and my first to Kuantan too. Zoe : What are we gonna do there? Nathanael : I dunno, I think dad & mom got us hooked up with […]

Zoe Joy’s Second Birthday Partee in the Month!

We think our dear little 1 1/2 months old daughter is pretty happening. This is her second Birthday Partee within the month! 🙂 We celebrated May Vern’s 21st at Mum’s Place. We didnt know that there was a huge floor upstairs which was set aside for the partee! We didnt manage to take a lot […]

Zoe Joy’s Attended Her First Birthday Partee!!

Zoe Joy attended her first Birthday Partee last Sunday. We were all at Joann‘s 21st Birthday Celebration it was super fun! Birthday Girl … or shall we say Our Joann Koo has grown to a beautiful 21 Years Old WOMAN!Hugging and kissing Zoe Joy! 🙂 Another Picture of Joann and Zoe Joy Joann’s mum .. […]

Zoe Joy’s First Easter

This is Zoe Joy’s first Easter experience. We brought her to Church on Easter Sunday. When we were in church today, Renee came over to say “HI——–i!” Renee has this special interest in Zoe Joy … she always looks out for Zoe Joy and comes over to say her famous “HI——–i!” Well apart from Cute […]

Zoe Joy’s Full Moon Dinner

We celebrated Zoe Joy’s Full Moon dinner on 24 March 2007 with our family, relatives, family friends and our church pastors and church full time workers at Country Kitchen Restaurant. We had a sumptious meal and celebrated Zoe Joy’s one month old with everyone. Here are some photos to summarize the nite, Click on the […]

My 2007 Chinese New Year Experience and Photos

My 2007 CNY Experiences This year CNY fell on a Sunday, so we started Chinese New Year’s Day at Church, followed with some visitations around. Check out my photo journey on Chinese New Year day. Kung Kung (Grand pa) was carrying me in church during worship. Check out my longish hair … i may keep […]

It was Missions Emphasis Weekend in Church

Since it was a Missions Emphasis weekend in church, we dressed Nathanael in an Indian costume. You can see from the Top Pictures, we had many countries represented in Church and we also had a lot of awareness of reaching our and praying for other nations. Nathanael and Vanessa checking each other out! Hmm .. […]

Nathanael’s Frens

Check out the cute picture of Nathanael, Caitlin, Wesley and Renee. Aiyoh they all look so cute together. [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]

Sleeping Together? Hmmmmmmm ……

Hmmmm… at such a young age. Photos captured both Renee & Nathanael sleeping together. What? Sleeping in church some more? Hehehe … check them out have a good shut eye today at Glad Tidings Revival Service (GTRS). But wow when Nathanael awoke he was trying to challenge Ps Julie Khoo on who’s the loudest! (See […]