Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Check out Liang’s new MTV – Giggles

You gotta check out Liang’s latest MTV that’s just hit the Malaysian shores. He was featured on HITZTV and also 8TV last week for his new single called GIGGLES. Giggles is from Liang’s 2nd Album called After8, which also won Liang the AIM2008 Awards for BEST Engineered Album and also the BEST Album Cover! Woo Hoo!! Big […]

Fun Kids Activities at Church

Lots of fun activities await the kids at the Young Adults church service each Saturday. There’s a kids session that runs concurrently with the church service where children are having super FUN activities. 🙂 Last week teacher Charlotte taught the kids about how God created trees, fruits and plants. And how we should all appreciate […]

Baby Aiden Pu Born 29 Jan 08

Baby Aiden Pu is so cute. We managed to take a peep at him in the baby room of the hospital when we visited yesterday. Praise God!! cos Karen said that it was a natural delivery and the entire time in labor was not that long. For more details … speak to the PUs lah! […]

Handy Bergson made Nathanael his Swing

When we first posted up Nathanael’s new sensory integration exercise, to be swung in cicular movement on a make-shift swing, we asked for help to build a swing. We are so thankful for friends who read the blog, and friends who have the knowledge and skillset to help build one for Nathanael. Bergson was telling […]

Zoe Joy visit Baby Naiomi Chee

Zoe Joy got a chance to visit baby Naiomi Chee a week ago. Naiomi is absoultey adorable .. with lots of hair 🙂 Congratulations to Kelvin & Luisa Chee for a healthy baby girl. Cher Cher Zoe trying to look at Baby Naiomi In fact, Zoe was so inquisitive that she woke baby Naiomi up […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Contribution for the Social Concerned

We all did our part for the Social Concern today! We participated in the Jogathon / Fun Fair that was organized by our church at Jalan Barat Field (A&Ws ~ next to Amcorp Mall). The youth and young adults were in charge of the game stalls and redemption booths and the gigantic inflatables. Thankfully it […]

We visited Joshua Chai’s Full Moon

Yay!! daddie and mommie brought us to Joshua Chai’s partee!! He’s just turned one month old and is five months younger than Zoe Joy. Joshua Chai’s Full Moon [Reported by Zoe Joy] Everyone was gathered round Joshua to pray a prayer of Blessing. Joshua’s daddie is Tze Siang and Joshua’s mommie is SiawJiun. Mommie was […]

Pearle & the Kids

We went out with Pearle Heong recently And she really had a great time with Nathanael & Zoe Joy Pearle loves kids, and was just enjoying both Nathanael & Zoe Joy Everybody smiling … 🙂 Zoe Joy had a wonderful privlege of being fed by auntie Pearle Such a beautiful and sweet shot of Pearle […]

At Darren & Chi Yen’s Wedding

It was a lovely wedding ceremony at GT Jalan Gasing Followed by a Wedding Dinner at Cyber View Lodge at Cyber Jaya Wesley was the Ring Bearer for Darren & Chi Yen And he was really dressed up well. Nathanael & Wesley standing in a Pose Wesley & Nathanael shaking hands .. .. 🙂 Nathanael […]

Zoe Joy’s Frens

Zoe Joy’s Frens Renee with baby Zoe Joy Renee really adores Zoe Joy. Each week when we come to church, Renee will always come running to greet Zoe Joy and stroke her head. Really Tai Ka Cher. 🙂 Zoe Joy with Kimberly and Ps Linda Khoo Shot taken recently in Genting Is that a Bird? […]