Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Chinese New Year 2009 Celebrations Part One

Chinese New Year 2009 had lots of Makan, Lots of Visitations, and lots more Makan!! 🙂 What else is new? Oh yeah.. we had lots of Makan! 🙂 Check out our Chinese New Year photos below … 50 pics below.. and this is only Part One!

Kong Kong Admitted AGAIN!

    Kong Kong was warded into the hospital last week for about 4 days, God has preserved his life.  He had a mild stroke. As you know he is usually very healthy and thus it came as a shock to all of us—-including him.  If you ask him how he is he would tell you….” […]

Calvin & Eileen Wedding Ceremony

Wow its been a long while since we attended a cousin’s wedding. The whole works from Church Ceremony at First Baptist Church to the Tea Ceremony, nearly forgot how it all goes: ) haha [Cousins who are still not married .. hint hint! yes we mean u .. quickly lah!!]     Big Congrats to […]

Nate & Zoe at the Beach

Not too long ago……the gang went to the beach. One BIG gang of us went. Daddie was away on a company trip so he couldn’t join us. So we took a day trip, we started out early as we wanted to catch the high tide. Po Po needed a dip in the salt water–Kong Kong also went but stayed away […]

Sweet Siblings

Nathanael absolutely adores his baby sister Zoe. He has such a sweet expression on his face everytime the sister wraps her arms around him…..aiyoh!!! Melts your heart la. Right after the hug….his face beams with delight. What a sight! We really can tell that he loves his sister.  Show him a picture of her & he’ll smile from […]

School Holidays with Nathanael & Zoe Joy

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! In the HOT sun! my cool cousins cameby for a nice dip in the pool (from the top :-mommie,kor kor,abang ben,che che eunice &

CROSSED OVER from Sutera to Opal Damansara

So sorry for the long silence… We were busy packing & unpacking. YES-We shifted into our brand new home. 🙂 Thus the silence! (No phone line & internet access ma) We will try & update the blog as soon as we get our streamyx working (TM Point said they will require 7 days to connect […]

My 2007 Chinese New Year Experience and Photos

My 2007 CNY Experiences This year CNY fell on a Sunday, so we started Chinese New Year’s Day at Church, followed with some visitations around. Check out my photo journey on Chinese New Year day. Kung Kung (Grand pa) was carrying me in church during worship. Check out my longish hair … i may keep […]

My 2007 Chinese New Year Dinner

The CNY Dinner Reunion (daddie’s side) See … i am with Mah Mah (grandma) and Yee Sam Por (aunty linda) We were early (rare moment for daddie!!!) So we were actually waiting for the others to come. As you can see Yeh Yeh (grandpa) always with his Video Cam and Alex, Matthew & Azalea. We […]

Studio Photos of Nathanael & Elijah Lee

We had an awesome three weeks when Kevin, Tawnya and Elijah visited Malaysia. It was a great time together and for Nathanael and Elijah to be with each other. We took tons of videos and some cool photos, and you will see the nice ones which we took at a photo studio below.   [ad#dnt] […]