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Cute Renee Feeding Nathanael

Last Sunday in church, Renee was really generous and kind. We caught her in action, sharing her biscuit with Nathanael. Here’s a couple of shots of Renee feeding Nathanael ….. simply adorable!! Aren’t they cute? [tags : nathanael renee food photo dareNtiff]

Ahhhh Nathanael Feeding Himself Part2

This video was shot today, during Nathanael’s lunch. He’s learning to respond when eating. When the spoon is place in his hand, he will say Ahhhh before the food goes into his mouth. Its a really good progress in how he’s handling the intake of food. 🙂 Praise God! Check out the video here [tags […]

Nathanael Feeding Himself [Video]

[Video 1.33mins] We are very happy to see the progress that Nathanael makes each day. This was taken yesterday during his lunch. This is part of his therapy (Occupational & Speech) and stimulation. You will see from the video below that he is assited to feed himself and to put the food in his mouth, […]