Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael eating Ice Cream [New Milestone]

This is a New Milestone for Nathanael. He normally don’t like Ice Cream because of the cold temperature and the texture of the soft ice cream. Today, while shopping at Tesco, he suddenly said “I want Ice Cream”, later at home when we let him try, he ATE the Ice Cream!! Wow!! This is Progress!

Guess what is Nate & Zoe’s fav fruit and food?

DURIANS for Zoe!!! Indian Curry Rice for Nathanael!  Who would have thought they would love and enjoy these diverse fruits & food  so much? I am sure its inherited from their mommie!! ) I can go without Durians for a month, 5 months or 10 months, doesn’t really matter. But i think Mommie has now […]

My Largest Burger EVER!!

  We were having dins dins with the PUs tonite, and whilst walking along the lower ground floor of One Utama, we stumbled on this rather interesting F&B outlet called New York New York. We strolled over to the menu to check out the selections and the pricing. My mouth started drooling when i saw […]

Zoe Joy’s Milestone on Feeding Herself

This is a NEW MILESTONE for Zoe Joy Lee. We managed to catch a few pictures and a VIDEO of her feeding herself. We gave her some rice on her red plate. She was initially playing on the floor, and when we gave some yummy rice, watch the video as she picks it up and […]

Zoe Joy’s First Taste of Lemon

Check out how cute Zoe Joy’s face is when she tasted her first lemon!! 🙂 Ewwwwwww ….. so sour wan!!! 🙂 The most interesting part of it, is that Zoe Joy loves the taste of the Lemon .. and here she goes again for a second attempt! Ewwwww … my taste buds are numb!! That’s […]

Zoe Joy Feeding Herself BREAD .. YummY

Yes … this is such an adorable video of Zoe Joy as she learns to feed herself. And she’s doing lots and lots of crazy exercises nowadays, she practically climbs over anything and everyone. Her limbs are super flex and check out her split in the above pic!! 🙂 Now get ready to smile as […]

Nathanael’s Milestone in Creeping Forward

Praise God for another Milestone Creeping = the step before Crawling Many of us would know “creeping” us a Commando Crawl Nathanael is only enticed to move ahead when there’s FOOD. So his meal periods are always an interactive therapy session prior to eating. Watch the Video below on how we entice Nathanael to creep […]

Nathanael Feeding – Therapy

This is a short video of Nathanael being taught on how to feed himself with a spoon. He’s learning how to guide a spoon of food into his mouth and to makan! 🙂 This is a good progress. 🙂 [tags : nathanael video therapy]

Nathanael Feeds himself with the Spoon

This is a short post of Nathanael having his lunch. He’s assisted with a spoon put into his right hand. He moves his hand to his mouth (assisted) and takes a bite of the yummy lunch! This is a form of therapy taught by the Speech Therapist to enable him to feel the utensil in […]

Fun in the pool & with friends at 1U

This will be a photo blog! Lots of photos, which we have uploaded in Flickr. We a great time in the pool yesterday, some friends came over : Charlotte & Jerome, Cheng Jin & Yi Yin. Actually more of Nathanael’s friend were suppose to be around, Caitlin, Wesley & Renee, but all last minute couldnt […]