Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael learning to climb up & down

A Tribute to Bridges EIP Heartfelt thanks to Teacher Dolly & her wonderful team of helpers at school.You guys are just amazing! For your love,patience & support towards Nathanael. -Teacher Dolly -Ko Ko Benjamin Wong -Teacher Rachel -Teacher Joyce -Teacher Lee Hong Thank you! I am a living miracle of God and you have been […]

Fun Aerobics with Zoe Joy

Check out Zoe Joy Lee. She just turned 7 months recently. She’s super active and super inquisitive!! Everything also wanna taste! Check out my new Aerobic Push Ups! Lean on your knees at a 45% angle against the exercise ball and push up and down against it! And once u become a Black Belt Sifu […]

Nathanael’s Ketogenic Diet Half Way Mark!

PRAISE GOD! 1st year diet done! YAY!! 365 Days have come & gone! The year has flown by so quickly. Nathanael has been seizure free for the past 11 months! We just want to thank our Lord Jesus for the miracle work He has done in Nathanael’s life. It is a miracle that Nathanael adapted […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy learning their colors

Hehe …. each nite is beautiful bonding time for the whole family, where we play and pray together. We caught this cute scene last nite when mommie was showing the kids the different Colors for their learning & development. This is the color purple!! We have prepared a powerpoint presentation representing the primary & secondary […]

Zoe Joy and her Play Mat

Zoe Joy alertness and development is great. She’s learning to focus on moving objects placed above her. She can now follow you when you move around her. Zoe Joy on her Play Mat. [tags : darentiff zoejoy baby ]

Nathanael turns 10 Months Old

In 2 more days, Nathanael will be 10 months old! Wow such “quick-ness” if there’s such a word to describe how the last ten months have been for the family. God is GOOD, and HE is GOOD everyday of this 10 months. We’ve got a praise report and also some updates on Nathanael’s condition. We […]