Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


A Fun Leadership Cell Meeting

We had a FUN LCell Meeting tonite! And here’s a GIF to proove it! 🙂 Haha .. can you spot the THREE funny people who like to “dance” in pics? The GIF animation below won’t work till you click on the image below 🙂

12 Years Ago, We Said I DO!

  YES! It was 12 Years ago today that Tiff & I got married in Glad Tidings PJ! It was an awesome day, as we were reflecting on the events of that day. We are truly thankful to GOD for His Blessings, Favor and Guidance in our lives all these years! Its most definitely a […]

Family Photos during Mother’s Day Dinner

Thank God for Mothers!!! Just uploading some close-up photos taken tonite at our Mother’s Day Dinner. [ad#dnt]    

I like to move it–move it!!

Glory hallelujah!! Let’s shout His Fame!! Praise His name!! Nate can swim on his own!! I mean he can move his legs & kick & kick. He can also manuever himself to go after balls & play with toys in the hydro pool at HUKM. We’re so happy & thankful simply because up and until […]

Datuk Nathanael Lee in the making

One of Nate’s home work excercise regime is to hit the balloon with the racquet. According his teacher Dolly —Nate is Datuk Lee in the making. Yeah he can really hit the balloon. His gross motor & fine motor skills are being refined. This excercise will encourage motor planning & also crossing the midline. Please […]

Nate’s Vocab

That was a test posting. Glad it works. WordPress 2.2 iPhone version. Cool!! Anyways we’d like to share with a list of words that has been flooding our ears eversince Nate took his first steps in April last year. They are listed in no particular order. Teacher Car Ball Black Purple White Pink Yellow Colours […]

RAYA Day with the Tang Family

Sorry this is a delayed post…I know some have been waiting for us to post this entry up since a few weeks back! hehehehehhe anyway— It was a gorgeous sunny day as we head out to Kiara Park at TTDI. It had been raining the entire week leading up to the raya holidays. Everyone was […]

Chik Chak Photo Rally @ Kiara Park

  We had a great time & super fun-in-the-sun today for the Chik Chak Photo Rally competition! We had 10 groups of 7 to 10 people running all round PJ searching for clues, embarassing themselves, doing funny gestures, poses in order to score creative points in this Photo Rally! 🙂 We had a fun time following them around […]

My Super Clean Teeth!

Mommie took me to the dentist recently as she was really concerned about my teeth. If U have seen my yellow teeth upclose….U would know why she was so concerned. Mommie hunted for a Pediatric Dentist (Pedodontic specialists) and finally found one in SS2. His name is Dr Low Teong….apparently he is a Datuk. Anyway […]

Zoe & Tummy Episode

PLs pray for little Zoe. She woke up at 6am today & felt really uneasy….she kept calling Mummy mummy & fell asleep on me…after 5mins I felt a wet lump on my t-shirt & I got up immediately & rushed her to the toilet & she threw up all her food. It splattered all over […]