Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


His name is Teddy

Zoe Joy’s choices of things to hold and hug are really interesting. As a baby she seldom hold on to a bolster like most baby do. In fact until now (14 months old) she likes to sleep on her front (chest down) and sprawled on the bed. Yes rather CUTE way of sleeping! I can […]

Zoe Joy’s Bikini Photoshoot

We just could not hold back these fab pictures that mommie took of Zoe Joy last weekend at the poolside. The photos were fabulous and just brings out the cute-ness (if there’s such a word) in Zoe Joy. We went to the pool for a dip, but 90% of the shots that you’ll see below […]

Sharing some CUTE CUTE Photos

Nathanael and Zoe Joy went out shopping with mommie recently. Check out as they pose and put on their shades! 🙂 Zoe Joy looking cute in koko’s shades! 🙂 And another picture of her as she fold her arms! 🙂 Cute-ler? I can’t agree more! Daddie rocks! 🙂 hehe Nathanael posing on the chair with […]

Chinese New Year Day 2

We have a few more pics as Nathanael & Zoe Joy received more “blessings” in the form of Ang Pows from Uncles & Aunties!! And we got some really special photos taken as well!! Chinese New Year – Day 2 Nathanael with Tua Kim Nathanael with 3 Yee Por Nathanael with Uncle Chong Nathanael & […]

Swimming Poses

At our new place, both Nathanael & Zoe Joy have been enjoying the pool! Nathanael learning to Kick and move around on his own in the Kids Pool Nathanael sometimes would be lazy and just not kick! But its really great when he starts kicking and propels himself forward in the pool. Zoe didn’t join […]

Zoe Joy loves to play with balls

Zoe Joy has this fascination with plastic balls. If you were to put her in a room with balls, she will be extremely happy. Check out the photos below when we passed her a Rubber Ball! Zoe Joy receiving a Rubber Ball See how HAPPY she is with it! 🙂 Zoe’s doing a Cheeky Pose! […]

Zoe Joy’s First Taste of Lemon

Check out how cute Zoe Joy’s face is when she tasted her first lemon!! 🙂 Ewwwwwww ….. so sour wan!!! 🙂 The most interesting part of it, is that Zoe Joy loves the taste of the Lemon .. and here she goes again for a second attempt! Ewwwww … my taste buds are numb!! That’s […]

Aren’t We Both Just Adorable?

Wave Hi!!! How’s everyone doing? We’re doing great … waiting to have our makan!! When we’re happy and we know it … We Clap our Hands !! CLAP CLAP!! Yo bro!! Let’s pose in front of the camera! Adorable or not? [tags : darentiff nathanael zoejoy ]

Zoe Joy is . . .

ONE WORD DESCRIPTION Zoe Joy is CUTE! [tags : darentiff nathanael zoejoy ]

Ko Ko Nathanael & Baby Zoe Joy

[narated by Nathanael] Daddie and mommie are really trigger happy. They always seems to be carrying a camera with them wherever they go! I guess we now know how Brad & Angelina feel. Everywhere we go, click click, shopping also click click, church also click click, swimming also click click .. even in the bathroom […]