Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


See Nathanael Crawl … his new milestone

We’ve been so busy at home, and this I’m a little delayed in sharing this video with you! Nevertheless, we wanted to share this incredible milestone with all of you as we know many of you come here to get updates. ūüôā We’ve been told recently by a therapist, that we need to focus on […]

Crawl, Crawl & more Crawls at Bridges

Crawling Position! Attention! More Crawling positions for Nathanael. I think you will be seeing lots of Crawling exercrise and therapies in the next couple of weeks. This is one big area that we want to see Nathanael improve in. That he learns to CRAWLS on his own. This is an essential step before walking. This […]

Bearing Weight on All Fours – Nathanael’s new Milestone

One of the home exercises that we are doing daily now, is to “strongly encourage” Nathanael to crawl. We are sure that you have seen him do the¬†commando crawl at a¬†fast pace on the floor, with his tummy touching the floor. And we were really happy then to see him achieve that milestone. Now he […]

Fun Aerobics with Zoe Joy

Check out Zoe Joy Lee. She just turned 7 months recently. She’s super active and super inquisitive!! Everything also wanna taste! Check out my new Aerobic Push Ups! Lean on your knees at a 45% angle against the exercise ball and push up and down against it! And once u become a Black Belt Sifu […]