Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


It was Missions Emphasis Weekend in Church

Since it was a Missions Emphasis weekend in church, we dressed Nathanael in an Indian costume. You can see from the Top Pictures, we had many countries represented in Church and we also had a lot of awareness of reaching our and praying for other nations. Nathanael and Vanessa checking each other out! Hmm .. […]

Sleeping Together? Hmmmmmmm ……

Hmmmm… at such a young age. Photos captured both Renee & Nathanael sleeping together. What? Sleeping in church some more? Hehehe … check them out have a good shut eye today at Glad Tidings Revival Service (GTRS). But wow when Nathanael awoke he was trying to challenge Ps Julie Khoo on who’s the loudest! (See […]

Shhhhh …. Nathanael .. Not So Loud … Shhhhh

Hehehe .. these pictures were taken last weekend in Church. Nathanael started getting really excited and wanted to join the preaching. He was babbling non stop and in a super high pitch voice, till mommy found a way to silent him. Everyone around us kept looking back each time Nathanael tried to “preach” his message. […]

Cute Ones – Minh, Wesley, Renee & Nathanael

Here are some cute pictures of kidz in chuch, taken today at in church. We have Minh, Wesley, Renee & Nathanael in the photos below. Renee : Can i have your shoes? Wesley : Ewww…smelly lahwhilst Minh looking on … 🙂 Renee : Don’t i look adorable? Nathanel : Yeah u look cute & i […]

Cute Renee Feeding Nathanael

Last Sunday in church, Renee was really generous and kind. We caught her in action, sharing her biscuit with Nathanael. Here’s a couple of shots of Renee feeding Nathanael ….. simply adorable!! Aren’t they cute? [tags : nathanael renee food photo dareNtiff]

Nathanael’s Baby Dedication

Nathanael Lee’s Baby Dedication was held in Glad Tidings PJ this morning. Together with 4 more babies : Renee, Vanessa, Jayden & Celine, all Five Babies were dedicated to the Lord! It was such a great moment, as our pastor prayed over the babies, blessing their lives and praying for each baby and parent. Join […]