Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Bringing Nathanael for our Healing Encounter Service

One great thing about going to Church is that we always have a positive Hope & Faith in God. And what better timing than a church-organized Healing Miracle Service next week during our Merdeka weekend!! Woo Hoo!! We always believe that GOD has a purpose and a good plan for Nathanael. And being loving parents, we […]

Zoe Joy’s Baby Dedication on 22 June 2008

Oh wow … so sorry for the silence. Our PC crashed or rather it hanged continously and we had no choice but to do some diagnostic resettings to it! Initially we thot we had to change the hard drive, but after checking … the disk drive still works … but just needed to be defrag! […]

Tiffany was interviewed by Pastor Irene on Mothers’ Day

Last weekend in church, Pastor Irene Lim did a short interview with Tiffany on her role as a mother to Nathanael & Zoe Joy. Ps Irene was sharing with all mothers the importance of being a Spirit-Filled mom, and how mother’s can accomplish great tasks when they depend on God. I totally love the way Ps Irene […]

Fun Kids Activities at Church

Lots of fun activities await the kids at the Young Adults church service each Saturday. There’s a kids session that runs concurrently with the church service where children are having super FUN activities. 🙂 Last week teacher Charlotte taught the kids about how God created trees, fruits and plants. And how we should all appreciate […]

Nathanael & Zoe Joy’s Contribution for the Social Concerned

We all did our part for the Social Concern today! We participated in the Jogathon / Fun Fair that was organized by our church at Jalan Barat Field (A&Ws ~ next to Amcorp Mall). The youth and young adults were in charge of the game stalls and redemption booths and the gigantic inflatables. Thankfully it […]

Nathanael is 3 Years Old!!!

Happy Birthday to U Happy Birthday to U Happy Birthday to Nathanael Happy Birthday to U Nathanael turns THREE years old on 22 September 2007! 🙂 Praise God … this date also signifies his first year on the Ketogenic Diet! IF you remember last year, Nathanael’s 2nd Birthday was spent in Hospital KL, with the […]

This Weekend at Church

Weekend at Church sometime during the church service. Kak Mas brought Nathanael to the back of the church and got him to stand as part of his exercise … Nathanael standing up by the wall with Minh standing next to him. See his cheeky face when he stands. And because he knows that Kak Mas […]

Nathanael and the Roman Soldiers

We had a fantastic Easter Production this year at church. One of the group of cast that i find the “cutest” were the Roman Soldiers! 🙂 Nathanael surrounded with a Contingent of Roman Soliders. Carried by Nick Tay Nathanel trying on the Pharisee’s Hat And here’s Nathanael in the Roman Soldier’s Hat. Cute ler? View […]

Zoe Joy’s First Easter

This is Zoe Joy’s first Easter experience. We brought her to Church on Easter Sunday. When we were in church today, Renee came over to say “HI——–i!” Renee has this special interest in Zoe Joy … she always looks out for Zoe Joy and comes over to say her famous “HI——–i!” Well apart from Cute […]

My 2007 Chinese New Year Experience and Photos

My 2007 CNY Experiences This year CNY fell on a Sunday, so we started Chinese New Year’s Day at Church, followed with some visitations around. Check out my photo journey on Chinese New Year day. Kung Kung (Grand pa) was carrying me in church during worship. Check out my longish hair … i may keep […]