Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Visiting the Angkors

So fast, three days have passed, and the entire morning of our third day was spent visiting the two top ruins called Angkor Tom and Angkor Wat. This time round, i didnt really take much photos, cos after seeing one ruin, u sort of seen them all. 🙂 Yeah, yeah .. totally insensitive to the […]

Journey down Tonle Sap (Clearwater Lake)

Today we took the journey down Tonle Sap, which is translated literally to Clearwater Lake. The lake i saw, Clearwater … didnt see much of it! Today was a journey where we really saw the poor, the needy and those who really labor in getting a day’s wage. Most of those we saw were fishermen, […]

Cambodians have SMALL feet

Well, or so i would deduce after climbing these realllly reallllllly small steps up to more ruins. Its amazing the steps are like 2 inches in diameter. We stopped like 5 minutes from Ang Ko Wat, and trekked up this hill for 10 minutes, and when we finally reach the summit of the hill, there […]

At the scene of Tomb Raider

We visited the site location where Tomb Raider was filmed. Yes more ruins to share with u. But the ruins were quite interesting … cos the site was huge and they had trees which grew over the ruins, forming interesting formations (see some pics below). Yeah, where is Lara Croft? We tried looking for her… […]

Daddie in Siem Reap

Daddie is away from the family this weekend, cos the company organized a Management Retreat in Siem Reap. Know where that is? Nope its not Thailand, though Thailand is one of its border. We are in Cambodia. Left the house early this morning at 4.45 to meet the rest of the team at the LCCT […]