Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael learning to Draw

Nathanael is learning to use colors and paint and a canvas to put a picture together as part of his early development skills. Recently at Bridges Early Intervention School, teacher Dolly helped Nathanael to put design, color and create a Cake on canvas for Zoe Joy. I think Nathanael successfully created an image which even […]

Lots of Stimulation at Bridges School

Harro harro harro…. is anyone there? OOoooooh …. help me!! Hey !! I’m Nathanael .. and i’m having fun in this pool of balls!! Yups .. its another fun day at Bridges EIP SchooL! 🙂 Teacher Dolly is also with me … 🙂 Check out my new Bridges Tee!! Howdy Folks!! Teacher Dolly teach me […]

Nathanael with Squishy Balls at Bridges School

Nathanael’s School Day at Bridges Early Intervention Programme Nathanael sitting down with Teacher Dolly We love Bridges cos Nathanael has a One on One attention with Teacher Dolly. And she’s simply adorable and caring and she tells us that she prays each time before Nathanael starts his class on what “lessons” to teach him for […]

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day

Nathanael’s Gift to Mommie for Mother’s Day [from Nathanael to mommie] When mommie brought me Bridges School last Friday, Teacher Dolly taught me how to use nice colored papers to make a gift for Mommie. Teacher Dolly guided me to form flowers with papers and to stick it on red shaped heart paper. I was […]

Nathanael Playing With Colored Pebbles

Nathanael at Bridges Early Intervention Program (EIP) School. His teacher, Teacher Dolly is sitting with him, and using his hands to learn to feel the different textures of the pebbles. Please continue to pray for Nathanael. He still doesn’t like anyone holding his hands. He always struggle, when anyone tries to hold or grip it. […]

Check out what Nathanael did in Bridges School?

Was I studying? No Was I doing my Therapies? No I was enjoying a peaceful & blisful time at Bridges Early Intervention School! 🙂 he he he … Nathanael can be naughty! [tags : darentiff nathanael ketones epilepsy seizures diet ketogenic diet]

Video of Nathanael in Bridges School Day

This is a video taken of Nathanael at the recent Bridges (ELP) School Day. Nathanael played and won his first ever kids game. It was the game of Pass The Parcel, and he won back a whole bunch of Raisins! 🙂 In the video u will see how cool Nathanael is in his Shades, carried […]

Can’t Touch This!

Our current focus on Nathanael is that he will learn to use his HANDS to touch, feel, move, and to use his hands as what God has created the hands for. One of our toughest struggle is that he doesn’t like anyone touching or holding his hands. For those of u who visit him or […]

Nathanael’s update for May & June

We went for a fifth opinion for Nathanael in May. We visited Prof Lee Wei Ling at the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore. She’s the Director of the Neurology department and a clinical associate professor in the faculty of medicine in NUS. Many went to see her and was helped. She went through Nathanael’s reports […]