Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael the Musician!

OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM…………… E-I E-I O…. At Bridges aside from language learning,physio,occupational work we also have a music time, We have a band too And so may we present to U………DRUM roll please ……….. Nathanael Lee on the guitar! Hahahhaaha! YES! And Doesn’t he look like Daddie playing the guitar in church. Teacher […]

Crawl, Crawl & more Crawls at Bridges

Crawling Position! Attention! More Crawling positions for Nathanael. I think you will be seeing lots of Crawling exercrise and therapies in the next couple of weeks. This is one big area that we want to see Nathanael improve in. That he learns to CRAWLS on his own. This is an essential step before walking. This […]

Nathanael’s Using His Hands

What are those cute funny dots on Nathanael’s face? Is Nathanael trying to dress up as a Clown? Is it a punishment for being late to School? Is that an overgrown pimple? Did Nathanael roll over a stickers book, and some peeled off and stuck on him? Is that the latest fad to Brighten Up […]

Nathanael’s Milestone : Walking on Own with Walker

This is another wonderful news to share with all of you today. While Nathanael was at Bridges EIP School today, we managed to video him walking on his own with just the walker. That’s an amazing milestone for Nathanael, as he develops his skills to walk. In the picture on the left, you will notice […]

Walking motion with the new exercise machine at Bridges

Teacher Dolly and Nathanael at Bridges EIP   Cute hor? Teacher Dolly is Nathanael’s teacher at Bridges EIP. Nathanael goes to school twice a week. One really exceptional thing that we see in Dolly is that she trully loves all the kids at Bridges and she pours out her heart and soul in helping develop and […]

Nathanael learning to climb up & down

A Tribute to Bridges EIP Heartfelt thanks to Teacher Dolly & her wonderful team of helpers at school.You guys are just amazing! For your love,patience & support towards Nathanael. -Teacher Dolly -Ko Ko Benjamin Wong -Teacher Rachel -Teacher Joyce -Teacher Lee Hong Thank you! I am a living miracle of God and you have been […]

Nathanael’s New Milestone – on the Swing + Walker

WE are combining a couple of videos that we have taken over the last two weeks to show you Nathanael’s great progress in his development. We are really happy to see how he has been improving and we just wanna Thank GOD so much for His favor over Nathanael’s life. So you will be able […]

Nathanael is looking for a Walker

So we are looking for a WALKER for Nathanael. We must say that Nathanael is improving so much in the last couple of weeks. You can now support Nathanael at his underarms and you will see him progressing in little steps … as he walks in front!! WE are ESTACTIC! Really Thank God for the […]

Bridges School for Nathanael is now a Classroom Concept

Nathanael attends the Bridges Early Intervention School, and for 2008 his sessions with Teacher Dolly will no longer be on One to One! He will now learn to interact with other kids who are also attending Bridges and the things he learn will now be collective and with the group. Mommie with Nathanael at Bridges […]

Nathanael’s Year End Bridges School Partee

School’s Closed! Its Holiday Time!! Big celebration all over Malaysia as all schools closed for 1 1/2 months. Likewise the Bridges Early Intervention Programme School will also be closed during the school hols! Nathanael had a Year End School Partee last Saturday at Bridges! We’ve got some photos and videos to share with you!! Bridges […]