Joseph, Noah, Zoe Joy, Elijah, Nathanael


Nathanael at Kids Haven Gym

Check out Nathanael today at Kids Haven. Kids Haven recently invested in a Gym for kids. You can see ┬áTeacher Lydia helping Nathanael to walk on a Suspended Ladder, as he learn to balance and walk on the rungs of the ladder horizontally! This is amazing! Cos he’s learning to coordinate his own hands movement […]

Nathanael Cycling his Bike!

Praise GOD! Another great and new milestone for Nathanael. Check out Nathanael as he learns to cycles a bicycle in Bridges EIP School. ­čÖé Woo Hoo!! The leg action┬á … pumping the pedals to move ahead is not an entirely easy task, and from the video below you can see that with assistance Nathanael can […]

Crawl, Crawl & more Crawls at Bridges

Crawling Position! Attention! More Crawling positions for Nathanael. I think you will be seeing lots of Crawling exercrise and therapies in the next couple of weeks. This is one big area that we want to see Nathanael improve in. That he learns to CRAWLS on his own. This is an essential step before walking. This […]

The Making of “The Swing”

We received an email from a family whose son is also suffering from seizures, and when they saw the swing that Nathanael is using for his daily therapy and balancing, they asked for instructions on how to fix a swing for them. So we quickly SMS Handy Bergson, and despite being out of the country […]

Occupation Therapy – Sensory Integration : How well can Nathanael balance?

We rekindled therapy sessions with Ms Teo again. When Nathanael was initially diagnosed with infantile spasm, we had a regular therapy session with Ms Teo. Ms Teo is a Christian and practices physio and occupation therapy at home. Ms Teo also does a lot of sensory integration as well. She was evaluating Nathanael’s current progress […]

Nathanael’s Balancing Board

Nathanael was pretty blessed during Christmas (we’ve not blogged about the kids’ Christmas yet) .. and Nathanael was blessed from 5Ku Por & 6 Ku Por with a Balancing Board. As part of Nathanael’s therapy and daily exercise to stand, we’ve added a one step up, to aid Nathanael to balance when he stands. Nathanael […]