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Noni juice .. for autistic kids ?

Question: Noni juice .. for autistic kids ?

(Posted by: Ashtons Mom on 2007-07-03 21:03:27)

I have been hearing wonderful thing about noni juice .. My lil man has autism, and i have been thinking about buying it from the chiropractors office.. At 50 bucks a shot i wanted sum advice :0) Any mom's out there that reccomend it ? He has been taking Manna Bears for 2 months now, and they have been an absolute God send, i am hoping this will help too .. thanks in advance ..


Posted by: Rahret on 2007-07-03, 22:43:47

I'm not sure about noni. But have you heard about mangosteen juice and it contains more tnan 40 different Xanthones, the highest concentration of these anti-oxidant found in nature. The mangosteen have been used for centuries in tradtional medicines throughout the world.Now with over three decades of scientific laboratory studies to support. If you need to know more on this product you can email to me at


Posted by: Sunshine H on 2007-07-04, 00:31:26

I second the mangosteen fruit. But you have to make sure the juice is 100% mangosteen, not extracts from the fruit. I know of Xango being the only product containing the whole fruit which includes the outer rind/ skin of the mangosteen. Not at all sure about Noni though sorry! Also if you find it to work out nicely for your son, then by becoming a memeber it gets cheaper! I personally am not apart of the MLM aspect, only drink it!


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