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Can autism co-exist with anxiety disorder?

Question: Can autism co-exist with anxiety disorder?

(Posted by: on 2012-02-25 20:00:03)

I've been watching documentaries about autism and this question popped into my head references/ citations appreciated


Posted by: Britney on 2012-02-25, 20:03:01

Yes. A lot of children I work with that have autism have OCD. They become extremely anxious if things aren't done "just so. " It's actually really sad the things that trigger the anxiety in these children. Instead of worrying about doing their homework their worried about washing their hands constantly or some other OCD thing.


Posted by: Marissa on 2012-02-25, 20:14:29

Oh my god, Yes! Pretty much every person with any form of autism has social anxiety too. It's pretty much part of having autism.


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