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Does my 7 year-old cousin have mild autism?

Question: Does my 7 year-old cousin have mild autism?

(Posted by: Oklahoma SOONERS. on 2012-02-19 22:54:14)

Ever since he was little I've noticed things. He didn't really start talking when he should of. He rolls around in the church pews and covers his ears. He runs awkwardly. Could he possibly have mild autism or aspburgers or something?


Posted by: Angela on 2012-02-19, 22:58:42

My neighbor has aspburgers :/ i ride with him to school every day. he gets super offended by everything and he doesnt like loud noises. its kind of weird like they never mature they are not bad people at all just different..... for awhile i thought my friend had something like that because i was maturing faster than her but she eventually some what caught up it might just be a phase for him and i dont suggest talking about it to anyone like your family cuz they might think u think bad of him emrace him and if they ever find out thats okay just dont ask its will be ackward :)


Posted by: Mr. Self Destruct on 2012-02-19, 22:56:01

Well the major sign for autism is lack of speech. They have trouble reading signs and reading people's faces. They wouldn't know the difference between a smile and a frown. They are severely socially awkward and sometimes inept. In later years Autism can eventually turn into schizophrenia EDIT: Does your cousin have a very bad time socializing? They have trouble understanding jokes? That's a couple of symptoms of aspburgers.


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