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Zoe Horse Riding Adventure

  To celebrate Zoe’s 5th Birthday, we gave her a treat to ride on a horse. We brought her to the Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort, where horse/pony rides were available each Sunday from 9am to 10am. She really enjoyed herself, and we were amazed at he upright posture when she sat on the horse.

Zoe Joy reciting Psalms 23

We are so proud of Zoe.. watch the video as she recites the entire Psalms 23. I dont even remember being able to speak in this manner when I was four years old, much less recite an entire chapter from the book of Psalms! 🙂 hehe Psalm 23 A psalm of David. 1 The LORD is […]

12 Years Ago, We Said I DO!

  YES! It was 12 Years ago today that Tiff & I got married in Glad Tidings PJ! It was an awesome day, as we were reflecting on the events of that day. We are truly thankful to GOD for His Blessings, Favor and Guidance in our lives all these years! Its most definitely a […]

Blessed Christmas to ALL!!!

We wish you a Blessed Christmas! May your days be Merry and Bright! May God shine His light down on all that you do and bring Blessings and Favor in every aspect of your life. We celebrate Jesus Birthday on Christmas Day. He is the ultimate Gift that GOD gave us .. LIFE! Life through […]

Zoe Joy jumping into the Pool and Swimming

Very happy to see Zoe Joy’s progress in her swimming. Today she jumps into the big pool and starts swimming towards Teacher Yean Ching. 🙂 Glad that she’s no longer scared of the water and is learning to swim 🙂

Guess what is Nate & Zoe’s fav fruit and food?

DURIANS for Zoe!!! Indian Curry Rice for Nathanael!  Who would have thought they would love and enjoy these diverse fruits & food  so much? I am sure its inherited from their mommie!! ) I can go without Durians for a month, 5 months or 10 months, doesn’t really matter. But i think Mommie has now […]

Shopping at Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale

We went shopping at the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale last weekend … and there were HEAPS and HEAPS of people buying books. It was a long drive to MAEPS, Serdang .. but the books available were amazingly CHEAP and plentiful, best part it was a huge hall with air condition. We bought lots of books […]

Sep 2011 Milestone : Nathanael Stands Up on his Own

  This is another Amazing Milestone for Nathanael Lee. Last Weekend Tiff & I shared this testimony that Nathanael started learning to STAND UP on his own from a sitting position on the floor without any assistance. Today Tiff managed to capture a Video of him standing up!! PRAISE GOD!! We celebrate Nathanael’s new milestones […]

Nathanael turns 7 years old and started a Facebook Page

  Nathanael turned 7 on 22 September 2011! We thank God for his Amazing Life! We Thank GOD for the Amazing Miracles! In fact we want to THANK GOD so much, that we have just created a FB Page to help record down Nathanael’s progress and development over the years! Its all in his Facebook […]

Zoe Joy Swimming Class

  Check out some cool and fun photos of Zoe Joy’s recent swimming class. She’s now no longer afraid of going underwater and is learning to use the kick board to move around the pool. The fun thing about the swimming class, she’s learning it with her friend Andrea and they are both having  a […]