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New Milestone for Nathanael : Jumping OFF The Ground

Nathaneal’s New Milestone : Jumping off the Ground Nate has always been able to mimic the “Jump” effect by bending his knees and straightening his knees, but never have we seen him actually “Lift Off” the ground! Today Praise God!! is another milestone in Nathanael’s life! Today he started JUMPING!!! And even after the video, […]

Nathanael eats a Steak!

Today, we witness another milestone for the boy! Nate is pretty “Chinese” when it comes to his meal (meaning, normally Rice + Meat, Vege, and the occasional curry). Today he surprised us all, when he took a bite of Yeh Yeh’s Ribeye, and then he showed that he enjoyed it and carried on eating!!! What […]

Swimming Classes for Babies & Toddlers in Malaysia

We were trying to find a Swim Class for 2 1/2 years old, and when we asked for information on Facebook, we received quite a lot of responses. Sharing this Swim Class information with all, so that everyone can benefit. (Information as per Oct 2016) From the list below, it looks like Aqua Babies Malaysia […]

Our Miracle Boy turns 12!

  The day you came to us, our lives changed forever! You made us proud parents 🙂 We remember vividly how things unfolded, we’re so grateful that we have learnt so much about LIFE from you, how deep God’s love is for us. We’ve been through lots & yet we see God’s amazing hand upon […]

Nathanael eating Ice Cream [New Milestone]

This is a New Milestone for Nathanael. He normally don’t like Ice Cream because of the cold temperature and the texture of the soft ice cream. Today, while shopping at Tesco, he suddenly said “I want Ice Cream”, later at home when we let him try, he ATE the Ice Cream!! Wow!! This is Progress!

Nathanael arranging Tables at ECC [New Milestone]

NEW MILESTONE We celebrate every step of growth and development in Nathanael’s life. This is a video of Nathanael at Emmanuel Care Center (ECC) this week, when he helped Teacher Cecilia carry the tables and arranging them neatly in the corner! You can also see how Nate who normally refuses to wear/put anything on his […]

Tiffany sharing our Family’s Story of Hope

Tiffany shared a Mother’s journey of HOPE during the Mothers Day Weekend 2016 at Glad Tidings PJ. How the family journeyed from Nathanael’s Infantile Spasm (West Syndrome) when he was 5 months old, to our twin’s condition – Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and Ashlynn’s journey when she was a premature baby born to where we […]

A Video Testimony of Nathanael Lee & Ashlynn Faith Lee

We want to THANK GOD for watching over our kids. Both Nathanael & Ashlynn have been an amazing Healing Miracle in our family. We recently compiled this Video Testimony on their journey. The song in the video background is called “Blessings” by Laura Story. Watch and see how God touched them both. Nathanael will be […]

2016 Mothers Day Presentation at Glad Tidings PJ

It was a delightful Mother’s Day Presentation by the Kidz Church of Glad Tidings PJ this weekend. Each services had their respective kids from the service singing and presenting. There was a team of Kids Musicians, Kids Singers & Kids Choir. Happy Mothers Day to All!! Song: Mother’s Blue Song by Cindy Statham   Saturday […]

How the Ketogenic Diet has cured infantile and juvenile epilepsy

Nathanael was born to Daren Lee and Tiffany Tang on 22 September 2004. He was their firstborn and the first grandchild in both Daren and Tiffany’s families. At 4 months old, his parents began to notice he was not responding appropriately. At their usual periodic check-up, the paediatrician recommended them to get him seen by […]